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Granulocyte with the smallest granules


Granular leukocytes

neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils

Also called an erthyrocyte, anucleate


Phagocytic leukocytes that avidly engulf bacteria

neutrophil, monocytes

Agranular leukocytes

lymphocytes, monocytes

Fragments to form platelets


All the others are examples of these

formed elements

Increases in number during allergy attackes


Releases histamine during inflammatory reactions


descendants may be formed in lymphoid tissue


Containts hemoglobin; therefore involved in O2 transport


Does not use diapedesis

Platelets, RBCS

Increases in number during chronic infections; the largest WBC


The only formed elements that are not spherical

RBCS Platelets

Also Called WBCS

Neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocytes, eosonphil, basophil

Granulocyte with two types of granules


A T Cell or a B Cell


Kills by the respiratory burst

Monocytes, neutrophils

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