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movement of people or animals from one region to another


is a groups set of common values and traditions including language goverment and family relationships

list the features of a civilization

trade centers,specialzed jobs,organized goverment,record keeping,advanced tools

list the features of the moun builder civilization

large population,agriculture based,built mounds


aboveground houses made of heavy clay called adobe


underground ceremonial chambers


cone shapped shelters


ancestor or animal spirts on tall wooden poles


people that trace their ancestory through their mothers,not their fathers

what was the role of the printing press in spreading renissance ides throughout europe?

It could print entire pages at a time so people could read the same books and share ideas about it

what was the name between asia and the americas?


What are joint-stock companies

buissness in wich a group of people invest their money for financial gain.Similar to todays stock market

What were characteristics of mississippian mound builders?

their mounds were used for cerimonial purposes

the devolpment of the caravel was important to europes age of discovery because

It made sailing easier faster and cheaper. you could sail into thewinds. it had really helped europe with sailing..

why were europeans looking for an all water route to asia?

god gold and glory

an agriculture technique of growing three or more crops in a single mound that benifited each cropis known as


why were the crusades a key factor in changing european life

trade asia and began to grow, and introduced europeans to new products such as rice, apricots,cotton cloth, and the ideas of muslim thinkers

the voyage that carried captured africans to the americas for use as slaves was known as the

middle passage

What was the african dispora

the scattering of africans or when enslaved africans were sent across to the new world

what was the columbia exchange

the exchanging of foods and goods from the old and new world

what was the encomienda system?

a system in spanish america that gave settlers the right to tax local indians or demand their labor in exchange for protection

why did spain portugal want to control territory in the americas

god,gold,and glory

in order to govern their empire in the americas effectively, the spanish divided it into two provinces called

Viceroyalty of New spain and New peru

farms set up by the spanish in their colonies to grow food were called


how did the plantation system affect native americans

many died and forced into slavery

Who was Vasco Nunez de Balboa?

First european to discover the pacific ocean and crossed the panama

How were the spanish able to defeat the Aztecs and the Incas

Disease,Better weapons and well trained fighting force,ponies,aid or allies from other american indian tribes,quintalcoatal

why was the defat of the spanish armada important?

the defeat opened the new world for exploration by other european countries

in what way did the treaty of tordesillas benefit portugal

portugal got brazil

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