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Mid-Term Chapters 1-6

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The USA Patriot Act was enacted as a direct response to the
attacks on September 11, 2001.
The use of selective violence against military targets by insurgency forces is known as
Domestic Terrorism
happens within the borders of a state and is associated with extremist groups.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is an example of a ____________ terrorist group.
The Anglo-Irish Agreement gave
Ireland more responsibilities over Northern Ireland
The main goal of extremist youth groups who formed ETA was
Basque independence from Spain and preservation of culture and language
The most prevalent response to terrorism is
the use of force
A British philosopher who was a strong critic of the French Reign of Terror was
Edmund Burke
The _____ are a group that rebelled against China's annexation of Xinjiang in 1759.
Which of the following is NOT a common way to finance terrorism?
Investments in the Stock Market
A style of organization that is basically leaderless and facilitated by the Internet is known as
virtual networks
The development of al Qaeda is predominantly an example of ___________ causing terrorism
a failed state
Sleeper cells are terrorists who
live apparently normal lives until instructed to commit acts of terrorism
The leader of the Irgun and Israel's first prime minister was
Menachem Begin
The _____________ were a group of Islamic holy warriors fighting against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
Modern democratic societies practice ___________ democracy
The United States is the best example of a(n)
presidential democracy
A strong _______ is perceived as ab important factor conducive to the growth of democracy.
middle class
Pressure on countries to adopt market economies, which include privatization of state-owned economic activities, was widely regarded as a necessary step toward
A democratic transition involves
The negotiation and acceptance of democratic rules and procedures and the building or restructuring of political, social, and economic institutions.
Democratic transitions usually begin with
Many military regimes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America implemented ____________ to democracy.
managed transitions
The first wave of democratization that can be identified in modern history is the
American and French Revolutions
A major characteristic of democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa was the
importance of young people using media such as Facebook
Instead of viewing Islam as the primary obstacle to _______, many citizens in the Middle East perceive U.S. policies that support _____ regimes as the most serious impediment to democracy.
_________ was one way in which the British deliberately prepared their Caribbean colonies for democratization.
The Westminster model
Global governance is based on ______ as opposed to ________.
Fully developed democracies characterized by ________: a commitment to protecting individuals' rights, freedoms, and dignity from abuse by the government, institutions, society as a whole, and other individuals.
constitutional liberalism
_________ is composed of individuals who share common concerns and who believe that the most effective way to achieve their goals is to organized and engage in political activities their exert pressure on government decision makers.
An interest group
Which of the following is NOT a factor that contributed to 15 countries in Latin America transitioning to democracies between 1978 & 1993?
Authoritarian rulers willingly stepped down to let democracy take its course
The ____ strategy aims to increase profits at the employee' expense.
When the United States repealed its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, it was
protecting the rights of homosexuals.
The right of a person to be brought before a judge or court in order to determine their innocence or guilt is known as
habeas corpus
Which of the following philosophers questioned many major assumptions of utilitarianism?
John Stuart Mill
Which of the following is NOT one of the four freedoms that are necessary for a just society?
Freedom from governmental restrictions
The concept that a person can't be deprived of life, liberty, or poverty without a fair trial based on fair procedures and rules is called
due process of law
The absolute insistence on the supremacy of the laws is a key component of
legal positivism
_______ is the belief that culture determine the degree of protection of human rights.
Cultural relativism
______ sanctions are the most common type of sanctions.
The use of military force in order to protect human rights is known as
humanitarian intervention
The ________ was created in 2002 to prosecute war criminals and others accused of gross violations of human rights
International Criminal Court
Individuals who are imprisoned because of their political, religious, or social beliefs are known as prisoners of
The Greek and Roman Stoics developed the idea of _______ rights, freedoms to which every human is entitled.
In the United States, the ________ consists of constitutional protections of individual rights.
Bill Of Rights
The first global human rights was formed to address the problem of
The rise and fall of Rome is an example of which theory?
Power transition theory
"Soft Power" includes a country's
culture and appeal
Balancing (a strong power) is achieved by
building alliances
Binding (a strong power) is achieved by
embedding the threatening country into an alliance
At the end of World War II
the United States and the Soviet Union were superpowers
America's strength as a dominant power
is multidimensional power
World War I was significant in American history because
American began abandoning isolationism.
Which of the following is NOT one of the five waves of American decline described by Samuel Huntington?
Great Depression
The transition of power from the G-7 to the G-20 represents
emerging market countries challenging America's leadership
In the United States, the concept of manifest destiny helped to
expand U.S. territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
Asymmetrical warfare
is a nonstate threat to the United States.
China's rapidly growing power is
largely one-dimensional, based on economy
The American "shock and awe" bombing of Baghdad was a demonstration of
a hegemon with a preponderance of military power.
The United States uses public goods in the global community in order to
lessen the chances of hostile alliances forming
In imperial overstrech
domestic affairs unravel as a country puts resources into military activities abroad
A political unit that is composed of people, a well defined territory, and a set of governing institutions is a
Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were
an enhancement to nations' ability to maintain secrey
The type of sovereignty that focuses on the recognition of a state's independence by other states and respect for its territorial boundaries is called _______ sovereignty.
international legal
Which of the following is NOT a type of nonstate actor or nongovernmental organization?
A union of states
Amnesty International is an example of which type of nongovernmental organization?
Advocacy organization
Which of the following is NOT a main role of a nonstate actor?
Destroying States
The Lateran Treaty was
a compromise between the Vatican and the Italian government
A weak globalizer is a position that
acknowledges the important changes in the international system, but does not believe that has a huge effect
Which of the following inventions assisted in the creation of the modern state?
Printing Press
The realities of globalization are reflected in which type of sovereignty?
_______ require(s) that the currencies of other states have an exchange rate that is fixed to the dollar
The Bretton Woods system
An example of culturral globalization is
The depency theory states
industrialized countries benefit from the current capitalist economic system at the expense of the poor
The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are examples of _______ globalization
Which is true of the Catholic Church ?
It is the oldest and most powerful global nonstate actor.
The _____________ worldview places the constant struggle for power and dominance at the center of international relations.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of why small arms and light weapons are attractive?
Single usage
_____________, the world's first artificial satellite, was launched by the Soviet Union.
The idea of _____________ destruction originated from the reality that a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union would be suicidal.
mutual assured
The 1996 _______________ limits the right of countries to conduct nuclear weapons tests.
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
North Korea is known as the _____________ because of its imposed isolation from the global community.
Hermit Kingdom
_____________ weapons are extremely toxic and can be dispersed in many different ways including gas, vapor, and liquid.
_____________ agents of chemical weapons cause severe burns to the skin and lungs.
_____________ weapons are made of living microorganisms and toxins that are capable of causing fatal diseases.
The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
was an exception to nuclear weapon restraint shown by superpowers during the Cold War
What country adopted a "policy of pacifism," prohibiting owning, producing, or allowing nuclear weapons on its territory?
The prevention of hair-trigger alert postures and the securement of weapons is concentrated in
Which of the following is NOT one of the advised actions for nuclear weapons possessors in order to promote nuclear nonproliferation in other countries?
Maintain their nuclear weapons
_____________ are attachments to treaties that allow states to be excluded from the legal effects of certain provisions of the 1925 Geneva Protocol.