S/S Topic 7


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Who is James Hargreaves?
Invented the Spinning Jenny that spun many threads at the same time
Who is Philo Stewart
Invented the Cast-iron stove small enough to use in an average kitchen
Who is Elias Howe
Invented the sewing machine powered by foot to make clothes
Who is Samuel Morse?
Invented the telegraph which used electric signal on a wire to send messages in code
Who is Eli Whitney?
Invented the cotton gin that separated the seeds from the raw cotton quickly and did the work of 50 people
Why did mill owners hire mostly women and children?
The owners could pay them HALF what they could pay men
How young were child workers
How did factories affect families
Many times the ENTIRE family worked from 4am-7:30pm
What were the hazards of working in the factory?
Few factories had windows or heat and were uncomfortable and Dangerous conditions
What is an immigrant?
a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
Where did the two largest groups come from and settle
Irish moved due to hunger (north for factories) and Germans moved due to food shortage and to make a better life (farmers and artisans to St Louis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati)
Who formed the Know-Nothing Party?
Nativists wanted to preserve the country for native born white citizens and did not welcome the flood of immigrants
Name the major crops in the South
Rice, sugar cane, tobacco, and cotton
Why was Southern industry limited and what was made
The small area relied on agriculture (plants and animals on a farm) so it existed only to meet the needs of farming society
Name the things in the Slave Code
No testify in court, Can't learn to read/write, No own a gun, Not leave their owner, Not gather in a group more than three people
What was abolitionism?
A movement to abolish slavery
Who is Frederick Douglass?
An escaped slave from Maryland who became a newspaper editor and leader in the anti-slavery movement. He gave speeches across the US
What is the Underground Railroad?
a network of white and black abolitionist who had secret routes and safe houses to help slaves in the United States to escape to freedom in the North and Canada.
Who was the conductor of the Underground Railroad?
An escaped slave called Harriet Tubman
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and what was it about?
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote about the evils of slavery
Why were some Northerners against abolition?
Northern factories needed slaves to supply cotton for the machines. Northern workers thought African Americans would take their jobs by working for less.