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PP Exam - MLUL

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Approval of planned developments for properties greater than 100 acres is accomplished through review and approval of a general development plan that sets forth the type, intensity, and timing of the planned development. The municipality has 95 days to grant or deny the application for a general development plan. The general development plan includes:
- A general land use plan and the type and number of residential units and/or area for each other proposed use, the overall residential density, and floor-area ratio for nonresidential uses
- A circulation plan showing all related vehicular- and pedestrian-transportation facilities
- An open space plan including the location of parks and lands set aside for conservation and recreation purposes, together with any proposed improvements and a plan for operation and maintenance
- A utility plan for water, sewer, and drainage lines, solid waste disposal, and a plan for their operation and maintenance
- A stormwater management plan
- An environmental inventory providing a general description of conditions and natural and manmade resources on the site and the probable impact of the development on those resources
- A community facility plan describing public and quasi-public uses associates with the development
- A housing plan that shows the general development plan's relationship to the municipality's need for low- and moderate-income housing
- A local service plan that describes public services to be provided as an internal part of the development
- A fiscal report describing the anticipated demand on services provided by the municipality and other bodies, such as school districts
- A proposed schedule for phased projects
- The actual "municipal development agreement" which is the contract between the developer and municipality