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  1. Any network or relationships among a group of components, which interact with and influence one another through exchange of matter and/or information, information is referred to as
  2. the largest pools of carbon in the carbon cycle are
  3. The ranchers now wanted to bring back the prairie dogs because they realized that ________.
  4. Benthic organism in the great lakes
  5. taiga and tundra both
  1. a system
  2. b A) the prairie dogs kept the soil loose, so rain sank in and grasses grew
  3. c sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels
  4. d are helped by the presence of zebra mussels
  5. e have low temperature throughout the year

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  1. or phosphorus dissolved int he ocean and taken up by shellfis
  2. lichens
  3. are required in large amounts for organism to survive
  4. intraspecific competition
  5. feed on and harm

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  1. herbivory is a type ofpredation


  2. When the rains came down on the rocky mountainsides, the water ran down into the grasslands where the
    prairie dogs were active and ________.
    C) quickly soaked into the loose soil, watering the grasses


  3. the rate at which biomass becomes available to consumers is termedsedimentary rocks and fossil fuels


  4. Prairie dogs constantly dig though the soil, making new burrows. They est the grasses, roots and all. This probably contributeslichens


  5. humans have dramatically altered the rate of nitrogen fixation into forms usable by autotrophsas we produce synthetics fertilizers and apply them to crops, lawns and parks