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  1. microbes in our digestive tract represent a type of-----relationship
  2. By definition, parasites-----their hosts
  3. Benthic organism in the great lakes
  4. Cattle on an open range ,in some areas, may compact fragile soils while grazing. This can damage plant roots, leading to fewer, smaller plants, which may in turn cause cattle to graze more and work harder to obtain food. this is an example of a
  5. herbivory is a type of
  1. a predation
  2. b symbiotic
  3. c are helped by the presence of zebra mussels
  4. d feed on and harm
  5. e positive feedback loop

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  1. system
  2. net primary production
  3. lichens
  4. as we produce synthetics fertilizers and apply them to crops, lawns and parks
  5. producers

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  1. Macronutrientsare required in large amounts for organism to survive


  2. the rate at which biomass becomes available to consumers is termedecosystem productivity


  3. The ranchers now wanted to bring back the prairie dogs because they realized that ________.A) the prairie dogs kept the soil loose, so rain sank in and grasses grew


  4. The origins in all phosphorus in biological tissue isor phosphorus dissolved int he ocean and taken up by shellfis


  5. Efforts at urban restorationpredation