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Chapter 6-Family Communication


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Habits of Highly Ineffective/Effective Couples (Lowe and Lowe)
1. Escalation/set time, set ground rules, take time out, Mt. 5:12; Prov. 25:20
2. Invalidation/don't compete on whose memory right, don't evaluate, just hear feelings
3. Negative Interpretation/life=unintended things, check out your partner's perception because of your filter, alternative explanation
4. Withdrawal and Avoidance/"I'd like to hear your thoughts on this" inviting rather than chasing
Ineffective (Galvin, Bylund & Brommel)
unresolved issues, failure to be open, tension, relaxation, excessive shyness or embarrassment, hurried, ungentle, absence of frequent touching, embracing, one demanding the other to perform
Effective (Galvin, Bylund & Brommel)
reveal feelings, more time together, never threaten, especially about the marriage, manage conflict areas before they occur (money, in-laws)
Barriers to intimacy
fears, jealousy, deception, not moving forward