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Looking at the figure, you are able to determine

that the population in part (b) is growing rapidly

What is the population in part (b) likely to experience soon

resource depletion and decreased quality of life from rapid growth

What is the population in part (a) likely to experience soon

too many senior citizens

During which time period did the world's population
more than double?
A) 1750-1800
B) 1800-1850
C) 1850-1900
D) 1900-1950
E) 1950-2000


________ is the world's most populous nation, home to ________ of the people living on Earth.
A) China; 1/2
B) China; 1/5
C) The United States; 1/2
D) The United States; 1/5
E) India; 1/3

china 1/5

If a population roughly doubles in the course of 50 years, its growth rate would be close to -------%


Which of the following is not one of the world top five most populous nations?

1. China 1,321,851,888
2. India 1,129,866,154
3. United States 301,139,947
4. Indonesia 234,693,997
5. Brazil 190,010,647

Replacement fertility

is equal to 2.1 in populations that are stable

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