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chapter 8 human populations final

Life expectancy in parts of southern Africa
has fallen drastically becuase of HIV
Declining death rates due to increased food production and improved medical care while birth rates remain high is characteristics of the ----- stage
Areas with least dense human population are in
areas with extreme-climate biome
which of the following countries has the highest population growth rates
Which of the following factors drives down TFR down
reduced infant mortality , improved medical care, urbanization, SOCIAL SECURITY, BETTER EDUCATION, Changing gender roles
the transitional stages in Frank Notesteins demographics model is initiated by
declining death rates
The richest one-fifth of the world population possess approximately -- times the income of the poorest one fifth, and the richest one-fifth use over 86% of the world's resources
If global fertility rates remain at 2006 levels, the United Nations predicts that world population will be approximately----billion in 2050
A country with--- is not expected to gorw quickly in the near future
good education, empowered women
In a country where there are increasingly more households
population and resource use increases
demographic effects of AIDS are most significant becuase
high infant mortality rate
The world population growth rate is currently close to
)According to the IPAT model, technology that enhances our acquisition of minerals, fossil fuels, timber, and ocean fish ________.
C) increases population
the 'sensitivity factor" in the model used to represent human environmental impact
shows how sensitive a given environment is to human made pressures
As of 2008, total cumulative HIV infections since 1980 are estimated are nearly
40 million