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  1. ague
  2. aspect
  3. argosy
  4. hazard
  5. morose
  1. a characterized by a sullen disposition; ill-tempered; gloomy
  2. b a large ship, especially a merchant ship; a fleet of such ships
  3. c the way one appears; looks
  4. d a fever, especially malarial, marked by regularly recurring chill; a fit of shivering
  5. e to risk, to expose to danger

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  1. endowment with a human body; appearing in a human form; any person or animal serving as the embodiment of a quality or concept
  2. a command or order; a writ or order from a court prohibiting a person or group from carrying out a given action
  3. temporary; earthly; civil, not spiritual
  4. to attribute, especially a fault or misconduct, to another; to charge with; to accuse (imputation=accusation)
  5. to overlay with a thin layer of gold; to make appear bright and attractive; to make (something) seem more attractive or more valuable than it really is

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  1. accouteredoutfitted and equipped; dressed


  2. impeachto attack by argument or criticism; to oppose or challenge as false or questionable


  3. perjurythe willful telling of a lie while under oath; the breaking of any oath or formal pledge


  4. whereforea fixed or conventional notion or conception, as of a person, group, idea, etc., held by a number of people and allowing for no indivituality; verb- to form a fixed, unvarying idea about


  5. obduratehardhearted; stubborn; obstinate; inflexible