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  1. sepulcher
  2. forbear
  3. surfeit
  4. mitigate
  5. livery
  1. a a vault for burial; grave; tomb; a place for the safekeeping of relics, as in an altar
  2. b an identifying uniform such as was formerly worn by feudal retainers or servants or those in some particular group, trade, etc.; the stabling and care of horses
  3. c to feed or supply to excess
  4. d to make or become milder, less severe, or less intense; moderate
  5. e to refrain from; to avoid or cease

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  1. virtuous; not indulging in unlawful sexual activity, said especially of women; pure; decent or modest in nature, behavior, etc.; modest and simple in style
  2. a bitter or prejudiced state of mind, caused by jealousy, envy, etc.; yellowish discoloration of tissues and bodily fluids with bile pigment
  3. hardhearted; stubborn; obstinate; inflexible
  4. to attack, ridicule, or criticize certain vices, follies, or stupidities; to hold up to ridicule or contempt
  5. to attribute, especially a fault or misconduct, to another; to charge with; to accuse (imputation=accusation)

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  1. sceptera rod or staff, highly ornamental, held by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty


  2. impeachto challenge or discredit (a person's reputation, honor, etc.); to challenge the practices or honesty of; to accuse; to bring (a public official) before the proper tribunal on a charge of wrongdoing


  3. argosya large ship, especially a merchant ship; a fleet of such ships


  4. constrainedconfined; held back; restrained


  5. injunctionendowment with a human body; appearing in a human form; any person or animal serving as the embodiment of a quality or concept


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