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  1. jaundice
  2. husbandry
  3. hazard
  4. perjury
  5. chaste
  1. a virtuous; not indulging in unlawful sexual activity, said especially of women; pure; decent or modest in nature, behavior, etc.; modest and simple in style
  2. b to risk, to expose to danger
  3. c the willful telling of a lie while under oath; the breaking of any oath or formal pledge
  4. d a bitter or prejudiced state of mind, caused by jealousy, envy, etc.; yellowish discoloration of tissues and bodily fluids with bile pigment
  5. e originally, management of domestic affairs, resources, etc.; careful, thrifty management; farming

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  1. endowment with a human body; appearing in a human form; any person or animal serving as the embodiment of a quality or concept
  2. to challenge or discredit (a person's reputation, honor, etc.); to challenge the practices or honesty of; to accuse; to bring (a public official) before the proper tribunal on a charge of wrongdoing
  3. why (in Shakespeare's day); which or therefore today
  4. abominable; outrageously evil or wicked
  5. a fixed or conventional notion or conception, as of a person, group, idea, etc., held by a number of people and allowing for no indivituality; verb- to form a fixed, unvarying idea about

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  1. mitigateto attribute, especially a fault or misconduct, to another; to charge with; to accuse (imputation=accusation)


  2. aguea fever, especially malarial, marked by regularly recurring chill; a fit of shivering


  3. precedentan act, statement, legal decision, case, etc., that may serve as an example, reason, or justification for a later decision


  4. forbearto refrain from; to avoid or cease


  5. sepulchera vault for burial; grave; tomb; a place for the safekeeping of relics, as in an altar


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