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  1. forbear
  2. scepter
  3. incarnation
  4. attribute
  5. satirize
  1. a to refrain from; to avoid or cease
  2. b to attack, ridicule, or criticize certain vices, follies, or stupidities; to hold up to ridicule or contempt
  3. c a characteristic or quality of a person or thing
  4. d a rod or staff, highly ornamental, held by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty
  5. e endowment with a human body; appearing in a human form; any person or animal serving as the embodiment of a quality or concept

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  1. hardhearted; stubborn; obstinate; inflexible
  2. originally, management of domestic affairs, resources, etc.; careful, thrifty management; farming
  3. a formal public speech, esp. one given in connection with a ceremony
  4. temporary; earthly; civil, not spiritual
  5. the willful telling of a lie while under oath; the breaking of any oath or formal pledge

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  1. stereotypea fixed or conventional notion or conception, as of a person, group, idea, etc., held by a number of people and allowing for no indivituality; verb- to form a fixed, unvarying idea about


  2. solemnizeto celebrate with formal ceremony or according to ritual


  3. liverythe act or practice of lending money at interest, now specifically at a rate of interest that is excessive or unlawfully high


  4. misconstruecharacterized by a sullen disposition; ill-tempered; gloomy


  5. chastea fever, especially malarial, marked by regularly recurring chill; a fit of shivering