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  1. fasces
  2. alter ego
  3. amphora
  4. Campus Martius
  5. alpha and omega
  1. a the bundled twigs around an ax which was the symbol of military control held by a dictator. fascists derive their name from this item.
  2. b another I; someone who is your exact match in thought or expresssion.
  3. c the first and last letters respectively of the Greek alphabet
  4. d a region in Rome along the Tiber river, home of the Pantheon and Theater of Pompey. North of the Capitoline Hill, this low-lying area was used as a training ground for soldiers.
  5. e a tall, 2 handled vase/urn often used to carry wine.

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  1. nymph who was caught in an argument between Cupid and Apollo. Cupid made Apollo fall in love with her (wtih a golden arrow), but caused her to flee (with a lead arrow). Just when Apollo is about to catch his fleeing lover, she prays for rescue and is turned into a laurel tree.
  2. one of the 7 hills of Rome. It was the religious and governing center of the city.
  3. a mythic creature with the torso and head of a man, but the body and legs of a horse. known for their battle with the lapiths in the attempted abduction of Hippodamia.
  4. the sea separating Italy from Greece
  5. love conquers all; phrase from Vergil's poem Eclogue 10.

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  1. alibiin legal terms, it is the attempt to show that a defendant was not present at a crime location because others can place him/her at that time in a different place. From the Latin that means somewhere else.


  2. antebellumbefore the war; commonly used to describe art, culture, etc. in US before the civil war era.


  3. bona fidein good faith. means something that is done in a sincere attempt.


  4. Danaids50 women who killed their husbands on their wedding night; depicted as being tortured in Hades as having to carry water in leaky jugs thus never completing their task into eternity.


  5. et al. / et aliinourishing mother; an institution of learning