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  1. amor omnia vincit
  2. Chimera
  3. Etruscans
  4. aegis
  5. Capitoline Hill
  1. a love conquers all; phrase from Vergil's poem Eclogue 10.
  2. b a fire breathing monster which was a lioness with serpent for a tail and with a goat in the mid section.
  3. c breastplate; currently it means a source of protection for a group, individual, or idea.
  4. d one of the 7 hills of Rome. It was the religious and governing center of the city.
  5. e the people who inhabited central Italy before and during the early history of Rome.

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  1. legendary "city in/under the sea" referenced by Plato, it is a metaphor for a city-state of great power, technological advancement.
  2. a large, public open-air arena where entertainment events were held, such as gladiatorial combat.
  3. Latin derivative meaning "warlike, hostile"
  4. the bundled twigs around an ax which was the symbol of military control held by a dictator. fascists derive their name from this item.
  5. nourished girl/girls; female graduates of an institution.

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  1. Excelsior!Greek writer of fables that explain the benefit or harm of certain character traits in a variety of situations.


  2. April 21, 753 BClegendary date for the founding of Rome


  3. alumnus/alumninourished girl/girls; female graduates of an institution.


  4. bona fidein good faith. means something that is done in a sincere attempt.


  5. amphoraa tall, 2 handled vase/urn often used to carry wine.


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