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  1. centaur
  2. aegis
  3. Apennines
  4. Etruscans
  5. alibi
  1. a in legal terms, it is the attempt to show that a defendant was not present at a crime location because others can place him/her at that time in a different place. From the Latin that means somewhere else.
  2. b the people who inhabited central Italy before and during the early history of Rome.
  3. c the mountain range running north to south that forms a spine in the center of the Italian peninsula.
  4. d breastplate; currently it means a source of protection for a group, individual, or idea.
  5. e a mythic creature with the torso and head of a man, but the body and legs of a horse. known for their battle with the lapiths in the attempted abduction of Hippodamia.

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  1. before the war; commonly used to describe art, culture, etc. in US before the civil war era.
  2. legendary date for the founding of Rome
  3. Greek scientist/philosopher who is credited with discovering water displacement to find the volume/density of objects as well as many other scientific and mathematic discoveries. Famously associated with the exclamation "Eureka" (I found it!)"
  4. 50 women who killed their husbands on their wedding night; depicted as being tortured in Hades as having to carry water in leaky jugs thus never completing their task into eternity.
  5. Greco-Roman spring time festivals to honor the god of wine; often accompanied by theatrical performances and became synonymous with drunken debauchery.

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  1. alpha and omegathe sea separating Italy from Greece


  2. alter egoa false name used to conceal identity. From the Latin that means another/other.


  3. Alpstall mountain chain spanning France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.


  4. bona fidein good faith. means something that is done in a sincere attempt.


  5. amor omnia vincitin good faith. means something that is done in a sincere attempt.