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  1. etymology
  2. Adriatic Sea
  3. alias
  4. centaur
  5. Daphne
  1. a the sea separating Italy from Greece
  2. b a mythic creature with the torso and head of a man, but the body and legs of a horse. known for their battle with the lapiths in the attempted abduction of Hippodamia.
  3. c a false name used to conceal identity. From the Latin that means another/other.
  4. d the study of the origin of language, the words themselves, and the change in definition of words.
  5. e nymph who was caught in an argument between Cupid and Apollo. Cupid made Apollo fall in love with her (wtih a golden arrow), but caused her to flee (with a lead arrow). Just when Apollo is about to catch his fleeing lover, she prays for rescue and is turned into a laurel tree.

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  1. ever upward! state motto of New York
  2. Latin for "to err is human" the idea that humans are by nature fallible
  3. the first and last letters respectively of the Greek alphabet
  4. a fire breathing monster which was a lioness with serpent for a tail and with a goat in the mid section.
  5. nourished boy/boys; male graduate/s of an institution.

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  1. aegisbreastplate; currently it means a source of protection for a group, individual, or idea.


  2. ex officioever upward! state motto of New York


  3. Cretetall mountain chain spanning France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.


  4. Atlantislegendary "city in/under the sea" referenced by Plato, it is a metaphor for a city-state of great power, technological advancement.


  5. Capitoline Hillone of the 7 hills of Rome. It was the religious and governing center of the city.