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Jupiter is a gas giant planet that has a storm on it called the Great Red Spot.It is the fifth planet from the Sun and has 63 moons. In 1610, Galileo discovered four of those moons that are now known as the "Galilean moons". The moons are, Ganymede-largest moon in our entire solar system, Calisto- covered by craters, Europa- covered by ice and craters, Io- also known as the pizza moon because it is yellow and orange and also looks like a pizza.
483 million miles
How far away is Jupiter from the Sun?
True or false, Jupiter is a medium-sized planet.
10 hours
How long is Jupiter's day on Earth?
12 Earth years
How long is Jupiter's year on Earth?
The Roman God of War
Who was Jupiter named after?
When exactly was Jupiter discovered? (year)
The Great Red Spot
What is the storm on Jupiter called?
400 years
How long did the Great Red Spot last?
2 Earths
How big is the Great Red Spot?
True or False, Jupiter doesn't have rings.
When were the rings discovered?
143,000 k.m.
How big is Jupiter's diameter?
318 times Earth's mass
How big is Jupiter's mass?
63 moons
How many moons does Jupiter have?
How many moons were discovered by Galileo?
Galilean moons
What are those 4 moons called?
What is the largest moon out of Jupiter's moons and out of the entire universe?
What is the Galilean moon that is covered in craters and not ice?
What is the Galilean moon that is covered withice and possibly with craters?
What is the Galilean moon that is also known a s the pizza planet?
active sulfuric volcanoes
What kind of volcanoes does Jupiter have?