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Chicken anatomy & physiology, female reproductive system

This set pertains to chicken egg ovulation. Source:University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture:CHICKEN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM By Jacquie Jacob and Tony Pescatore (retrieved 12/12/10; http://www.ca.uky.edu/smallflocks/Factsheets/Anatomy_and_Physiology/Anatomy_Female_reproductive.pdf
What term refers to birds that are well developed when hatched and are able to get up and walk around on their own very quickly? ex: chickens, ducks, turkeys
What term refers to birds that are still underdeveloped when hatched and require a considerable amount of parental care before they are able to get up and survive on their own?
ex: pigeons and song birds
ovary, oviduct
The female reproductive system of the chicken is divided
into what two separate parts?
What term describes the follicle that develops in the ovary?
vitelline membrane
What is the name of the membrane that surrounds the yolk?
What thick white substance surrounds the yolk?
What is the first part of the oviduct that accepts the ovum and is also where fertilization takes place?
What part of the oviduct follows the infundibulum and is the site where albumen (egg white) is added to the ovum?
What part of the oviduct follows the magnum and is the site where the inner & outer shell membranes are added to the ovum?
shell gland/uterus
What part of the oviduct follows the isthmus and is the site where the hard calcium carbonate shell is formed? The ovum remains here for about 20 hours.
47 percent
What percent of a hen's bone calcium is used to make the hard shell of the egg?
What term describes the laying of the fully formed egg?
Where does the fully formed egg exit the hen's body? It is also the exit site for defecation.
What term describes a set of eggs laid each day?
sperm host glands
Name the glands near the junction of the vagina and the shell gland where sperm are stored for long periods of time (10 days to 2 weeks) until they travel to the infundibulum for fertilization.
3:00 p.m.
What time of day will hens usually stop ovulating?
blood spots
If a small break occurs in one of the tiny blood vessels
around the yolk when it is ovulated what could appear?
meat spots
If part of the oviduct is sloughed off as the ovum receives the albumen layer, what might appear in the egg white?
What is the name of the process used by commercial farms to find eggs containing blood and meat spots so that those eggs are not sent to market?
What are male chickens called in the U.S.?
what are mature female chickens called in the U.S.?
what are male chickens called if they are under a year old?
What are chickens called in Australia & New Zealand regardless of sex and age?
What are baby chickens called?
Gallus gallus domesticus
What is the scientific genus and species name for chickens?