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to wash (oneself)


to bathe (oneself)


to shave (oneself)


to put on makeup


to comb one's hair


to wake up


to go to bed


to get up


to dress (oneself)

me lavo

I wash (myself)

te lavas

you wash (yourself)

se lava

h/s washes (him or herself)

nos lavamos

we wash (ourselves)

se lavan

they wash (themselves)


to stretch


to work out


to remove/take off

mantenerse en forma

to stay in shape


to put on

me baño

I bathe (myself)

te bañas

you bathe (yourself)

se baña

h/s bathes (him/herself)

nos bañamos

we bathe (ourselves)

se bañan

they/you all bathe (themselves)

me pongo

I put on

te pones

you put on

se pone

h/s puts on

nos ponemos los zapatos

we put on shoes

se ponen

they/you all put on


to get ready

se viste

h/s gets dressed

me visto

I get dressed

nos vestimos

we get dressed

se visten

they/you all get dressed

me estiro

I stretch (myself)

te estiras

you stretch (yourself)

nos preparamos

we get ready

se prepara

h/s gets ready

me quito

I take off

te quitas

you take off

se quitan

they/you all take off

se lava los dientes

h/s brushes their teeth

nos quitamos

we take off

me maquillo

I put on makeup

te maquillas

you put on makeup

nos maquillamos

we put on makeup

me acuesto

I go to bed

me levanto

I get up

se acuesta

h/s goes to bed

se acuestan

they/you all go to bed

nos acostamos

we go to bed

se levanta

h/s gets up

me despierto

I wake up

se despierta

h/s wakes up

te despiertas

you wake up

nos despertamos

we wake up


to dry (oneself)

nos secamos

we dry (ourselves)

se secan

they/you all dry (themselves)

me lavo la cara

I wash my face

se afeita

h/s shaves

te afeitas

you shave

se mantiene en forma

h/s stays in shape

me mantengo en forma

I stay in shape


to shower (oneself)

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