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Thomas Hobbes
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Father of Modern Rationalism, did research on the reflex and believed animal spirits existed in the pineal glandRene DescartesTested and Disproved Descartes' theories on animal spiritsJan SwammerdamCo-Inventor of CalculusGottfried LeibnizOpposed Descartes, and developed the idea of monads, pre-established harmony, petite perceptions, apperception, ect.Gottfried LeibnizBelieved in a social contract between society and the governmentThomas HobbesDid the most with empiricism, and popularized tabula rasaJohn LockeReflection, simple and complex ideas, chance and natural associations, primary and secondary qualitiesJohn LockeBelieved qualities were all secondaryGeorge BerkeleyEsse est percipiGeorge Berkeleyimpressions and ideas, necessary connectionDavid HumesFounder of AssociationismDavid HartleyUsed Newton's Conception of Universal GravitationDavid Hartleyvibrations and vibratiunclesDavid HartleyMental compoundJames MillMental ChemistryJohn Stuart MillPsychophysical ParallelismGottfried Leibnizlinks of associations happening at the same timecontiguitywhen two things happen at the same time to form associationssimultaneous contiguitywhen two things happen soon after each other to form associationssuccessive contiguitythe ventral nerves in the spinal nerves are only...motorthe dorsal nerves in the spinal nerves are only...sensory