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  1. Doux, douce
  2. Gagner sa vie
  3. Le mariage
  4. S'habiller à la mode
  5. L'égalité (f)
  1. a to dress in style
  2. b marriage
  3. c equality
  4. d sweet
  5. e to earn one's living

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  1. to refuse the traditional roles
  2. Faithful
  3. to flirt
  4. to put on weight
  5. partner, mate

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  1. Étre, tomber amoureux, amoureuse deto be (to fall) in love with


  2. La liberté sexuellesexual freedom


  3. Embrasserto put on weight


  4. la femme (l'homme) au foyerhousewife (househusband)


  5. Le harcèlement sexuelsexual harassment


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