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a formal written plan of government


a government where the citizens vote through elected officials


a government system that keeps the states and the nation's government seperated

Bill of Rights

the first ten ammendments


government of the people, for the people, and by the people


a change or addition to the constitution

Benjamin Franklin

"peace maker" oldest delegate

Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson

the president/presidents who have been impeached

Richard Nixon

one president who resighned

Franklin Roosavelt

the president/presidents who served for more than 2 terms


where was the constitutional convention held


How many constitutions have the U.S. had

4 years

how long is the term for president

6 years

how long is the term for senators

2 years

how long is the term for representitives


low long is te term for surpreme court

at least 35 years old, citizen by birth, legal resident of the U.S. for 14 years or more

what are the qualifications for president

at least 30 years old, citizen for at least 9 years, legal resident of the state he/she represents

what are the qualifications for the senate

at least 25 years old, citizen for at least 7 years, legal resident of the state he/she represents

what are the qualifications for representitives

can serve for a lifetime

what are the qualifications for surpreme court


how many amendments does the constitution have

speech, press, assembly, petition, religion

what are the 5 freedoms given in the bill of rights

13 amendment

abolised slavery

19 amendment

gives women the right to vote

22 amendment

limits the president term to 2 years

26 amendment

lowers the voting age to 18


1st president


2nd president


3rd president


4th president


5th president

Mary Landrieu and David Viter

louisiana's 2 senators

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