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The ablest and most effective supporter of imperialism was

Alfred Thayer Mahan

In 1900, the nation that had the third largest naval force was the

United States

The United States aquired the Hawaiian Islands as a result of all the following factors except

President cleveland sent marines to ensure that nothing stopped annexation from taking place

The United States took control of part of the Samoan islands after a long dispute with

Great Britain and Germany

The U.S. president who asked for a delaration of war against Spain in 1898 was

William McKinley

The U.S war effort in Cuba suffered from all of the following problems ecept

lack of popular support

During the fighting of the Spanish-American War

more american fighting men died of disease than were killed in action

The first major victory for the United States in the Spanish-American War occured

near Santiago, Cuba

Americans won the struggle for Cuba during the Spanish-American War because

The spanish forces quit after putting up a stiff but brief fight

the Rough Riders were

involved in bold, reckless chargins during the fighting in Cuba

William Jennings Bryan wanted the US Senate to ratify the peace treaty with Spain because

the aquisition of sugar plantations would bolster the US economy

The the decade following its victory in the Spanish-American War, the United States gave partial independance to

the Philippines

In territories with large land areas that the United States acquired in the late 1800's, the federal government

slowly gave the inhabitants most of the rights of citizenship and complete control of their local affairs

The Platt Amendment, incorporated into the Cuban constitution, gave Cuba

nominal political independance

In the Philippine War of 1898 to 1902, the United States

with great difficulty suppressed a full-scale revold that the majority of the Filipino people supported

the Philippine War of 1898 to 1902 saw the United States

achieve victory after capturing the enemy leader

Most of the territoy that the United States acquired in the 1890's was in the

Pacific Ocean

The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 came to an end when

a multinational armed force rescued the foreign diplomats traped in Peking by the Boxers

After the end of the Spanish-Aerican War, The united States changes its military system by

creating a general staff to act as advisors to the secretary of was

the newspapers of Pulitizer and Hearst in the 1890's

used their own pool of reporters as-well-as well known authors of the day; created sensationalist reports often called "yellow journalism"; sometimes not only reported the news, but created the situations for their stories; were excluded from schools, libraries, and clubs

Wrote the "Influence of Sea Power upon History"

Alfred Thayer Mahan

What are three key themes used by advocates of the Manifest Destiny

virtue, mission, & destiny

What is Puerto Rico's current political standing


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