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An alternative term for a muscle cell is a

muscle fiber

Which muscle seperates the thoracic and the abdominopelvic cavities?


An immovable joint found only between skull bones is called a


In the classification of joints, which of the following is true

All synovial joins are freely movable.

Fibrous joints are classified as

sutures, syndesmosis, and gomphosis

In symphysis joints the articular surfaces of the bones are covered with

hyaline cartilage

Menisci refer to

semilunar cartilage pads

An example of an interosseus fibrous joint is

the radius and ulna along its length

Calcium ions bind to the _______ molecule in skeletal muscle cells.


Fibrous cartilage discs that provide cushioning in joints are called_______.


The movement of a body part superiorly is called_______.


In skeletal muscle contraction, calcium apparently acts to

remove the blocking action of tropomyosin.

An elaborate network of membranes in skeletal muscle cells that functions in calcium storage is the

sarcoplasmic reticulum

A sarcomere is

the area between two Z disks

Which of the following is composed of myosin

think filaments

The term aponeurosis refers to

a sheetlike indirect attachment to a skeletal element

The muscle cell membrane is called the


After nervous stimulation stops, ACh in the synaptic cleft is prevented from continuing stimulation of contraction by

acetylcholinesterase destroying the Ach

The membranous areas between the cranial bones of the fetal skull are called


The structural theory that explains how a muscle fiber contracts is called the _____ _____ ______.

sliding filament theory

The carilaginous parts that seperate vertabrae are called ______ ______.

intervertabral disks

The inferiormost part of the sternum is the ________

xiphoid process

A fracture in the shaft of the bone would be a break in the _____.


Electrical impulses reach the muscle cell's interior to alter the cell's chemical environment via what network?

transverse tubules

The smallest functional unit is the what? Interactions between its thick and thin filaments are responsible for muscle contractions.


_______ is the neurotransmitter or chemical released by a motor neuron to communicate with other cells.


An _____ is a muscle whose contraction is chiefly responsible for producing a particular movement.


What is the central shaft of a long bone called?


The origin of a particular skeleton muscle is defined as

the attachment site to the less moveable bone.

The eight ____ bones make up the wrist.


The pelvic girdle is included in what division of the skeleton?


Muscle fibers in skeletal muscles for bundles called ________?


True ribs are directly connected to the sternum by _______ ______?

costal cartilage

As ATP binds to the myosin head at the beginning of a muscle contraction cycle,

the mysosin head detaches from the actin

What type of membrane wraps a fascicle


A sarcomere is

the contractile unit between two Z discs

Place these structures of the skeletal muscle in order from largest to smallest

fascicle, muscle cell (fiber), myofibril, sarcomere, myofilament

Which of the following bones is not weight bearing?


The axon terminals of a nerve cell and the sarcolemma of a skeletal muscle join at the

synaptic cleft

________ are cartilaginous joints.


The heel bone is called the ______?


The smallest carpal is the ______?


The mechanical force of contraction is generated by

The sliding of thin filaments past thick ones

The gap between the axon terminal of a motor neuron and the sarcolemma of a muscle cell is called the

synaptic cleft

Neurotransmitters are released upon stimulation from a nerve impulse by the

axon terminals of the motor neuron

While doing "jumping jacks" during an exercise class, your arms and legs move laterally away from the midline of your body. This motion is called


The I band contains

thin filaments

Atriculations permitting only slight degress of movement are


The H zone contains

thick filaments

The major function of the intervertabral discs is to

absorb shock

The sliding filament model of contraction involves

actin and myosin sliding past each other and partially overlap

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