English 3rd 9 wks


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hook, background information, thesis statement
body paragraph
topic sentence, discuss topic, text evidence in quote from source, explain how evidence supports answers, transition into next paragraph
restate thesis in a different way, never include any new information
Which is a purpose of Expository Writing
provides factual information to describe, sequence or compare
when writing an informative essay, what are the most important parts of the introduction
a thesis and compelling way to hook the reader
What does a thesis statement include
a claim and three reasons why
Which sentence has a dangling modifier
By having a friend carefully review your essay, you will keep grammatical errors to a minimum
Which is a misplaced modifier in the sentence "I am selling an antique dresser for my grandmother that is in perfect condition"
that is in perfect condition
What is a misplaced modifier
a phrase or clause placed awkwardly in a sentence so that it appears to modify or refer to an unintended word
What is a dangling modifier
a word or phrase when it doesn't apply to the word it's supposed to modify
expository text
this type of text informs or instructs the reader. It is nonfiction. it is valid, fact based, and organized
How does a topic statement differ from a thesis statement
Topic sentences help preview the paragraph while a thesis determines the purpose of the ENTIRE essay
Which is an important step to remember when using the new-found knowledge from your reference material
cite your sources
Where does the writer restate the thesis statement in a new way
in the conclusion
Which would be a strong conclusion
Clearly neutering reduces the number of animals looking for homes and dying in shelters
What should be in the conclusion paragraph of a 5 paragraph essay
Sense of closure, 5-7 sentences , the importance of the writers thesis statement in light of the research presented
Which is a dangling modifier
AFTER DIGGING FOR HOURS, THE TREASURE was dug up by the pirates
Which is a misplaced modifier
We served ice cream to the children IN PLASTIC BOWLS
Which is a restrictive element
The teacher WHO SENT 50 KIDS TO DETENTION was harsh
Which is a nonrestrictive element
Our teacher, WHO CARES ABOUT US, made the test easy and fair