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Rise of Progressivism Test - Exam Review

Although the progressives oftern differed about what progressivism meant, most agreed that
the "natural law" of the marketplace could stabalize society, it was a particular set of political reforms, it was a group of moral and humanitarian goals, government should play a role in correcting society's ills (all of the above)
the traditional view of progressivism describe it as a movement by the "people" to curb the power of the
special interests
the group of crusading journalist of the late 1800's and early 1900's who attacked corruption in buisness and government were called
the facorite targets of the muckrakers included all of the follwing except
the violence used against unions
in the late 1800's, a group of Christian reformers started a movement that acquired the name of the Social Gospel. One organization that demonstrated the principles of this movement was the
Salvation Army
Hull House, a settlement house designed to aid immigrants, was started by
Jane Addams
the new middle class of the early 1900's placed high value on
education and individual accomplishment
as a result of the increasing demands for reform in medicine by the progressives, the medical profession
established the American Medical Assoctiation, to represent the field as a whole
The growing demand for reform by the progressives in the newly developing prefessions was the result of their attempts to
lend prestige to middle-class professional status, defend the professions from the untrained and the incompetent, protect those already in the professions from excessive competition, exclude blacks, women, immigrants, and other so-called "undesirables" from their ranks (all of the above)
The so-called "womens professions" of the progressive era included all of the following except
To be more actively involved in the progressive effort to remake American society, they great majority of American women
joined women's clubs
Most progressive reformers advocated suffrage for women because they thought it would
stregthen the forces of reform
Most progressives agreed that the only societal institution the could provide the regulation and control necessary to modern society was the
the progressives attempted to chellenge the dominance of the two major political parties through all of the following methods except
working with the urban political bosses
most urban working peopl opposed the actions of the progressives against the party machines because
the machines were a source of jobs and service
the pregressive belief that government must remain untainted by the corrupting influence of politics led to the creation of the form of municipal government known as
city manager government
progressives introduces reforms that attempted to make government more responsive to the people. Those reforms included all of the following except
party nominating conventions
the progressive measure that gave voters the right to remove a public official from office through special election was
progressives came to regard one state as the center of regorm and its governor as the leading progressive. The most progressice state and governor were
Wisconsin/Rober La Follette
The death toll in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire was much higher than it should have been because
the management of the company had locked the emergency exits so that employees could not sneak away from work
the black leader who became the chief spokesman for the new civil rights movement and who heled to found the Niagara movement and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was
W. E. B. Du Bois
the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People approach to obtaining civil rights for black Americans included
using the federal courts to gain equal rights
Althoughmany progressives felt that the elimination of alcohol from American life was a necessary step in remaking American society, the primary group in society who pushed for prohibition was
in the progressive push to adopt the Eighteenth Amendment in 1917, only Connecticut and Rhode Island refused to ratify it because
they had primarily Catholic immigrant populations
Which statement would most likely have been said by a natavist?
"American purity is being harmed by the immigration of non-Anglo-Saxon people"
The Dillingham Report concluded that
newer immigrants were not efficient at assimilating to American culture
Social Gospel advocates advanced all the following ideas except
reducing immigration quotas