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________ is used in the x-ray circuit to provide a small increase in voltage before the step-up transformer

Autotransformer also known as a variable transformer

________ has a single coil of wire with an iron core. The single winding of wire incorporates both the primary and secondary coils of the transformer.


The primary coil of the _________ recieves voltage from the auto-transformer

Step-Up Transformer (High-voltage transformer)

The number of turns of wire in the primary coil of the Step-Up Transformer compared with the number of wire turns in the secondary coils is called ________

Turns Ratio

The ________ changes alternating current coming from the step-up transformer to direct current.


________ are solid-state semiconductor diodes


The main breaker, exposure switch, autotransformer, timer circuit and high voltage step-up transformer are all located on the ________ of the x-ray circuit.

Primary (Low Voltage) Side

The rectifier, x-ray tube and rotor/stator are on the _______ side of the x-ray circuit

Secondary (High Voltage) Side

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