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Scientific Theory

is an explanation that has been tested by repeated observations

Scientific Law

states a repeated observation by nature; may be changed when observations are made that are not consistent with predictions

scientific model

is a representation of an object or event that can be studied to understand the real object or event.

computer models

used by scientists to represent real situations and make predictions in a variety of applications

scientific method

critical thinking used to solve scientific problems; Approaches taken to try & solve a problem ; can include recognizing the problem , forming a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, analyzing the data, and drawing conclusions

Step 1 Scientific method

person asks a question

Step 2 Scientific method

person collects data about the question

Step 3 Scientific method

person forms a hypothesis

Step 4 Scientific method

person draws a conclusion

Step 5 Scientific method

person may modify the hypothesis based on results


the force in which gravity pulls of the quantity of matter (pg 18)


the straight line distance between 2 points


a measure of the quantity of matter an object has


a measure of space such as the capacity of a container

liquid volume

uses a graduated cylinder to measure volume

solid volume

this olume has a specific geometric shape that can be measured from the length of its surfaces

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