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Geo Bee Study Cards [Don't TAKE OUT] This is for the people in geography bee.

Includes Championship questions (year noted) from the National Geographic Bee (formerly National Geography Bee) and other questions from the National Geographic website quizzes. "Definition" is the question; "Term" is the correct answer. ONLY FOR GEOGRAPHY PEOPLE.
Name the flat intermontane area located at an elevation of about 10,000 feet (3,050 m) in the central Andes. (1989)
Mount Erebus is a volcano on which continent? (1990)
What type of landform is commonly associated with orographic precipitation? (1991)
Many coastal countries have established so-called EEZs—areas extending 200 nautical miles (370 km) from shore over which countries have sovereign rights for resource exploration. What do the initials EEZ stand for? (1992)
Exclusive Economic Zone
Tagalog is one of the three main native languages of which island country in Asia? (1993)
The Philippines
The Tagus River roughly divides which European country into two agricultural regions? (1994)
Pashtu and Dari are the official languages of which mountainous, landlocked country in southwestern Asia? (1995)
Name the European co-principality whose heads of state are the President of France and the Bishop of Urgel. (1996)
Asia's most densely populated country has about three million people and an area of less than 250 square miles (402 km²). Name this country. (1997)
More than 80 million people live in the European Union's most populous member country. Name this country. (1998)
The condition characterized by unusually cold ocean temperature in the equatorial region of the eastern Pacific Ocean is known by what Spanish name? (1999)
La Niña
Name two of the three largest sections of Denmark, which include its mainland peninsula and two largest islands. (2000)
Jutland, Sjaelland and Fyn
Below the equilibrium line of glaciers there is a region of melting, evaporation, and sublimation. Name this zone. (2001)
Zone of ablation
Lop Nur, a marshy depression at the east end of the Tarim Basin, is a nuclear test site for which country? (2002)
China (People's Republic)
Goa, a state in southwestern India, was a possession of which country until 1961? (2003)
Peshawar, a city in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, has had strategic importance for centuries because of its location near what historic pass? (2004)
Khyber Pass
Lake Gatún, an artificial lake that constitutes part of the Panama Canal system, was created by damming which river? (2005)
Chagres River
Name the mountains that extend across much of Wales, from the Irish Sea to the Bristol Channel. (2006)
Cambrian Mountains
A city that is divided by a river of the same name was the imperial capital of Vietnam for more than a century. Name this city, which is still an important cultural center. (2007)
The urban area of Cochabamba has been in the news recently due to protests over the privatization of the municipal water supply and regional autonomy issues. Cochabamba is the third-largest conurbation in what country? (2008)
Timis County shares its name with a tributary of the Danube and is located in the western part of which European country? (2009)
The largest city in northern Haiti was renamed following Haiti's independence from France. What is the present-day name of this city? (2010)
Which river carries more barge traffic - the Missouri River or the Suwannee River?
Missouri River
Which state has a higher population density - South Dakota or Rhode Island?
Rhode Island
Which state has a higher average elevation - Wyoming or Massachusetts?
Which state has a larger area of forested land - Montana or Delaware?
The mouth of which river is farther north - the Yukon River or the Columbia River?
Yukon River
Finnmark, punctuated by fjords and inhabited by reindeer herders, is the northern-most county of what country?
Roraima, a state with a shoreline on the Rio Negro, is located along the Equator in what country?
What is the capital and principal city for the state of Western Australia?
In the 1960's, Rwanda and Burundi gained their independence from which European country?
The Pilcomayo River forms part of the boarder between Paraguay and what country?
One can visit the Tiger's Nest Buddhist monastery in which landlocked Asian country known as the "kingdom in the clouds"?
Victoria Falls, located along the Zambezi River, is shared by Zambia and what neighboring country?
Name the only overseas department of France in South America.
French Guiana
The taka is the unit of currency for what country that was formerly known as East Pakistan?
What country in the Americas is second to the United States in meat production?
Which of these islands is NOT divided between two or more countries: Borne, Madagascar, New Guinea?
Kudzu, a vine that was promoted in the 1930s to control soil erosion, is now considered a pest in what U.S. region with a warm, wet climate: northeast, southeast, southwest?
On July 1, 2007, which special administrative region marked the 10th anniversary of its return to China: Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai?
Hong Kong
Which economic activity plays the largest role in the economy of the Bahamas: manufacturing, oil refining, tourism?
Which state has a lower per capita income: Massachusetts, Mississippi, Texas?
An open-air museum east of Interlaken preserves the French, German, and Italian heritage of which mountainous European country: Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland?
Name the large island in the western Indian Ocean that is known for its lemurs and other unusual wildlife.
Which river runs between Arizona and California before entering Mexico: Colorado River, Platte, Rio Grande?
Colorado River
What city is located on the Potomac River and was built in the late 1700s according to the plans laid out by Pierre L'Enfant: New York, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C.?
Washington, D.C.
Which city is located in the eastern part of Washington State: Auburn, Olympia, Spokane?
The highest and lowest points in North America are in which country?
United States
The Mississippi River is to Minnesota as the Rio Grande is to WHAT: Colorado, Nevada, Texas?
Which river carries a greater volume of water: Amazon, Nile, Ob?
The Mozambique and Benguela Currents flow along the coast of which continent: Africa, Asia, Australia?
Which port on the Great Lakes has developed as a major center for rail, plane, and ship traffic: Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland?
If you were in Chicago, Illinois, which would you be closest to: Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn?
Tropic of Cancer
Independence, a starting point for expeditions along the Oregon Trail, is a town in which state: Oregon, Missouri, South Carolina?
What is the term for a marketplace in Middle Eastern and North African cities where a variety of goods is sold: Bazaar or Suq, Mosque, Salam?
Bazaar or Suq
Mont-Saint-Michel, an abbey off the Normandy coast, is in an inlet for the Gulf of Saint-Malo. This gulf is an extension of what larger body of water: English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea?
English Channel
Baikal, Titicaca, and Victoria are all examples of what kind of physical feature: desert, lake, mountain range?
Which river forms the southeastern boundary of Illinois: James River, Missouri River, Ohio River?
Ohio River
Poi is a food commonly associated with people native to which state: Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico?
Which state is home to Silicon Valley: California, Montana, New Jersey?
Mohandas Gandhi effectively enforced a doctrine of nonviolent protest to help gain independence for which country: Argentina, India, Saudi Arabia?
The Dardanelles and Bosporus are examples of what kind of physical feature: canyons, hills, straits?
Which state was home to more textile mills during the Industrial Revolution: Maine, Massachusetts, Montana?
Which city had a lighthouse that was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: Alexandria, Carthage, Naples?
Which national park is on an island in a lake: Isle Royale, Petrified Forest, Sleeping Bear Dunes?
Isle Royale
Which one of the contiguous United States has the northernmost point: Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin?
Dresden, a city that has been rebuilt since World War II, is situated on what river: Darling River, Elbe River, Thames River?
Elbe River
Name the two large islands separated by the Strait of Bonifacio: Corsica and Sardinia, Corfu and Cephalonia,
South Island and North Island?
Corsica and Sardinia
What city is the judicial capital of South Africa: Capetown, Freetown, Bloemfontein ?
Roosevelt Island is surrounded by an Antarctic ice sheet that shares its name with what nearby sea: Baltic Sea, Weddell Sea, Ross Sea ?
Ross Sea
Agulhas and Kuroshio are both names of what kind of physical feature?
Ocean Current
Name two of the largest sections of Denmark, which include its mainland peninsula and two largest islands: Silkeborg, Viborg, Fyn
Jutland, Sjaelland, Fyn
Bjorn, Borg, Fyn
Jutland, Sjaelland, Fyn
Which state has a longer border with Canada—Montana or New York? (Round 1 Sample)
The Gila (HEE luh) River flows west from New Mexico across which other state—Wyoming or Arizona? (Round 1 Sample)
The Savannah River forms most of the boundary between South Carolina and which other state—Tennessee or Georgia? (Round 1 Sample)
Albany and New York City are major ports on which river—the Hudson or the Potomac? (Round 1 Sample)
People watching the sunset in Key West, Florida, are looking across which body of water—the Chesapeake Bay or the Gulf of Mexico? (Round 1 Sample)
Gulf of Mexico
Discovery of silver near Carson City helped the city develop as the capital of which present-day state—Illinois or Nevada? (Round 1 Sample)
Most of the wheat in the United States is grown in which region—the Great Plains or the Colorado Plateau? (Round 1 Sample)
Great Plains
Rotterdam is a major port located near what sea: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Norwegian Sea?
North Sea
Which country's population is not predominantly Muslim: Canada, Iran, Kuwait?
The ruins of the town of Isabela, one of the first Spanish settlements in the New World, are located in which Caribbean country: Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica?
Dominican Republic
The ports of Anchorage, Vancouver, and Acapulco are along which coast of North America: south, west, east?
Hindus who live in the most populous Muslim country revere Mount Agung and believe it is the center of the universe. This volcano is in what island country: Indonesia, Japan, Phillippines?
Berbers and what other Muslim people make up most of the population in Algeria, Libya, and Morocco: Arabs, Fulani, Tuareg?
Some of the world's thickest deposits of a mineral-rich dust usually transported by wind are in China. What is the term for this silt-like material: loess, moraine, peat?
Which city has a greater earthquake risk: Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City?
Los Angeles
Which river generally flows westward before joining the Mississippi River: Arkansas River, Delaware River, Ohio River?
During the era of the Vietnam War, which major river did most refugees from the war cross to reach safety in Thailand: Huang (Yellow), Irrawaddy, Mekong?
Ethiopia is dependent on the seaports of which country to handle much of its foreign commerce: Djibouti, Kuwait, Nigeria?
Name the body of water that separates the Korean Peninsula from mainland China.
Yellow Sea
The Vinson Massif is the highest peak on which continent?
Cactus and yucca are to the desert as WHAT are to tropical forests: oak & maple, redwood & sequoia, teak & mahogany?
Teak & Mahogany
Which state does not have a coastline: Delaware, New Hampshire, New Mexico?
New Mexico
The ruling group of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was known by what name: aristocracy, plebiscite, politburo?
Cape Cod, known for its beautiful shoreline, is located in which state?
The island of Socotra, off the Horn of Africa, belongs to which country: South Africa, Tunisia, Yemen?
The southernmost island country in the Caribbean Sea has an ethnic mix of primarily East Indians and Africans. Name this country: Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago.
Trinidad & Tobago
South Africa's chief seaport is on Natal Bay, an inlet of the Indian Ocean. Name this port city: Cape Town, Durban, Rio de Janeiro.
Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River, is shared by Arizona and which state: Colorado, Utah, Oregon?
The folk song "Waltzing Matilda" is associated with which region: Appalachia, Australian Outback, Scottish Highlands?
Australian Outback
The gypsy moth caterpillar, which strips trees of their leaves, was accidentally introduced in the 1800s near Cambridge. This city is located on the Charles River in which New England state: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts?
Which state produces more apples: Florida, Washington, Idaho?
The sinking of the battleship Maine in 1898, an event that led to the Spanish-American War, took place in the harbor of which city: Havana, Cuba; Manila, Philippines; Honolulu, Hawaii?
Havana, Cuba
The wildebeest is to the savanna as the caribou is to the WHAT: desert, rain forest, tundra?
The Mesabi Range, source of most of the iron ore mined in the United States, is in which state: Minnesota, Pennsylvania, North Dakota?
What term refers to the day in the Northern Hemisphere when the length of time between sunrise and sunset is the shortest of the year and the sun is farthest south of the Equator: fall equinox, summer solstice, winter solstice?
Winter solstice
What West African river flows in a great curve from Guinea through Mali and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean: Congo River, Niger River, Orange River?
Niger River
The Tyrrhenian Sea separates the island of Sardinia from the mainland of which country: England, Greece, Italy?
Uranium mines near the shores of Lake Athabasca are found in two Prairie Provinces in which country: Canada, Iceland, Venezuela?
Which city was once a Spanish fort and is now home to an important naval base: Honolulu, Houston, San Diego?
San Diego
Name the capital city of Taiwan.
Which domesticated root crop became the staple food of both the Inca Empire and Ireland: corn, potato, rice?
The Han are the most populous ethnic group in which mainland Asian country: China, India, Thailand?
In the 1840s the Sultan of Oman relocated his capital to a small island off the coast of East Africa. Name this island, which became a center of ivory and slave trade: Madagascar, Sao Tome, Zanzibar?
Which body of water is partially surrounded by Maryland: Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Pamlico Sound?
Chesapeake Bay
Which state has a longer border with Mexico: California, New Mexico, Texas?
Toros coleados, a form of bullfighting in which the bull is thrown by its tail, is practiced in the easternmost part of the Llanos. This region is in what country that borders the Caribbean Sea: Costa Rica, Guyana, Venezuela?
Located south of the state capital of Merida, the Maya ruins at Ruta Puuc can be found on what Mexican peninsula?
Yucatan Peninsula
Along with Croatia, what northernmost former Yugoslav republic declared independence in 1991?
Nickel has been mined for more than a century near the city of Sudbury, located in which Canadian province?
The Tell Atlas Range is partially located in which country that is the second largest by area in Africa.
From 1899 to 1961, Kuwait was a protectorate of which European country?
United Kingdom
Name the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It is a port originally founded on an island in the Lee River.
What port (formerly known as Gombroon) on the Strait of Hormuz is home to the main base of the Iranian Navy?
Bandar Abbas
What port at the northern end of the Suez Canal was once among the world's largest coal refueling stations?
Port Said
Name Colombia's most populous port, located on the Caribbean Sea near the mouth of the Magdalena River.
Which port city, located on Moreton Bay in southeast Queensland, is the third largest city in Australia?
In March 1998 fires burned a large area near the rain forest home of the Yanomami people. These fires occurred in the northern part of which country in the Western Hemisphere: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala?
Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen that was made from a plant that is also used to produce linseed oil. What is the common name of this plant: canola, flax, wheat?
Which state is adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico: Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon?
To learn what the symbols on a map represent, which map element would you look at: map key, map projection, map scale?
Map key
Which Asian country, formerly called East Pakistan, is located on the Bay of Bengal?
Which New England state has more forested land: Maine, Rhoda Island, Vermont?
Hundreds of wooden stave churches, containing both Christian and Viking symbols, were built during the Middle Ages in the Nordic country that borders the Barents Sea. Name this country: Finland, Norway, Sweden
Which state produces more crude oil: Florida, New York, Texas?
Rio de Janeiro and what other large city in Brazil are growing toward each other due to the high rate of urbanization: Campo Grande, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo?
Sau Paulo
What condition is necessary for the formation of coral reefs: annual rainfall of 300 inches, deep water, warm ocean temperature?
Warm ocean temperature
What flat-topped landform feature found in arid regions is often created by weathering and erosion of a mesa: butte, dike, plateau?
Candomblé, a mix of Roman Catholic and African religions, is associated with which South American country: Brazil, Chile, Peru?
Which country celebrates an almost 200 kilometer long ice skating race called the Eleven Cities Tour: Denmark, Netherlands, Norway?
Often, a combination of coal and water is transported through a pipeline. Which term refers to such a thin, liquid mixture: loess, magma, slurry?
Completed in 1869, what manmade feature drastically shortened sailing time between England and India: Erie Canal, Panama Canal, Suez Canal?
Suez Canal
Oil refining is an important economic activity on the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles. Name this island: Curacao, Dominica, Martinique.
"Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable" is the motto of which northern state that is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin?
North Dakota
The protective layer in Earth's atmosphere that absorbs some of the sun's ultraviolet rays and reduces the amount of radiation reaching the surface is known by what term: asthenosphere, ozone layer, troposphere?
Ozone layer
What river borders more European countries than any other river on that continent: Danube, Rhine, Seine?
Which of the following states is not crossed by the Colorado River: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico?
New Mexico
The rumba, a popular ballroom dance in America, was introduced to the United States from which island country: Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica?
Which lake is located farther west: Great Salt Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake of the Ozarks?
Great Salt Lake
Founded in 1960, OPEC contains members from all over the world and effectively controls the worldwide price and production of what commodity: coal, gold, petroleum?
The Karoo, an arid region known for sheep raising, covers much of the Cape provinces in which African country: Namibia, Senegal, South Africa?
South Africa
A climate graph shows annual patterns of precipitation and which other climate-related information: direction, pressure, temperature?
The Ebro River, which flows into the Balearic Sea, is in which European country: Greece, Norway, Spain?
The Guadalupe River flows past New Braunfels and Victoria in which U.S. state: Georgia, Nevada, Texas?
Most of the people in Nepal follow which religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism?
Name the only Asian country through which the Equator passes: Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam.
On which continent would you find the longest mountain system above sea level and the southernmost city in the world?
South America
Which desert is located in Asia: Atacama, Gibson, Taklimakan?
Name the country off the southwest coast of India that is made up of a cluster of almost two dozen atolls: Maldives, Socotra, Sri Lanka
Haiku is a form of poetry that originated in which island country in East Asia: Indonesia, Japan, Philippines?
Lake Gatun, an artificial lake that constitutes part of the Panama Canal system, was created by damming which river: Amazon, Chagres, Nile?
Which state has a larger population: Connecticut, Delaware, West Virginia?
The face of the sun god adorns a wall of a temple at Kohunlich, an ancient Mesoamerican city in the state of Quintana Roo. This temple is on what peninsula: Baja California, Guajira Peninsula, Yucatan Peninsula?
Yucatan Peninsula
Lake Okeechobee is a physical landmark in which southeastern state?
Name the river that provides irrigation for most of the cotton grown in Africa: Congo, Niger, Nile.
Nile River
What is the term for the fan-shaped feature composed of sand and gravel that is formed where a stream emerges from a mountain valley onto a plain: alluvial fan, channel, till?
Alluvial Fan
Which of the following is not a Great Plains state: Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma?
Which state has more people per square mile: Indiana, Alaska, New Mexico?
What is the term for a ring-shaped coral island in the open ocean: atoll, aurora, key?
Most of Yellowstone National Park is in which state: Arizona, California, Wyoming?
In July 1998 Russia planned to bury the remains of the last tsar, Nicholas II, and his family in the former imperial capital city. Give the present-day name of this city: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok.
Saint Petersburg
Name the landlocked country in eastern Africa that was once known as Abyssinia: Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda
Which island is not an overseas department of France: Martinique, Reunion, Tasmania?
The most famous library of ancient times was located in what Egyptian city: Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said?
Oil spills from ships traveling through the Bosporus are an environmental concern in what country: Denmark, Greece, Turkey?
The Hawaiian Islands were first colonized by the people of which culture: Maya, Polynesian, San?
Which state was a former British colony established as a settlement for debtors as well as a buffer against the Spanish: Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia?
The Aswan High Dam creates a reservoir that extends from Egypt into which neighboring country: Israel, Libya, Sudan?
New Zealand's two main islands are separated by what strait: Bass Strait, Cook Strait, Dampier Strait?
Cook Strait
Which state is larger in terms of total land area: Alaska, California, Texas?
Which country's political boundaries extend across more than one continent: Brazil, China, Turkey?
Imported red fire ants, native to South America, have a painful sting and can be found in parts of the southern U.S. These ants were first seen in Mobile, a city in which state bordering the Gulf of Mexico?
Much of the southern part of which state is located on the Allegheny Plateau: Maine, New York, Virginia?
New York
Mount Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, is the highest point in which U.S. state: Kentucky, Maine, South Carolina?
The republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are collectively known by a name shared with the body of water the countries border. Name this body of water: Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland
Baltic Sea
The Dangrek Range is located south of the Khorat Plateau on the border of Cambodia and what country to the north?
Rouen is an industrial and agricultural hub for commerce going to and from Paris along what river?
Seine River
The snow-capped peaks of the Jungfrau and Eiger and found in which European country?
The Donets Basin, a coal-producing region, is shared by Ukraine and what other country?
Boa Vista, Sal and Fogo are three of the many islands and islets that make up what country in the Atlantic Ocean?
Cape Verde
Which state that borders both Wisconsin and Nebraska is one of the leading producers of wind energy in the U.S.?
Millions of Christmas trees are grown in the state where Willamette National Forest is located. Name this state.
Fort Drum is important to the economy of Watertown, a city located east of Lake Ontario in what state?
New York
The Port of Beaumont, one of the busiest ports in the country, is located on the Neches River in which state?
What state produces the most honey? It's also home to Lake Sakakawea, located upstream from Bismarck.
North Dakota
Around 2005, which Asian country began to build its new administrative capital, Nay Pyi Taw?
Myanmar (or Burma)
One of Europe's busiest ports is on the Schelde River in Belgium. Name this city.
Palermo and Catania are cities on which Italian Island?
Which Pacific Island country is an archipelago that was formerly known as the New Hebrides?
A region called Transdniestria is located between the Dniester River and Ukraine in what country?
What Syrian city located at an oasis fed by the Barada River is thought to be one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities?
What empire had its capital at present-day Istanbul from 1453-1922?
Ottoman (or Turkish) Empire
Amharic is a widely spoken language in what landlocked country bordering Eritrea?
The Negev is a desert region north of the Gulf of Aqaba in what country?
The city of Trieste is located in a narrow Italian province bordered by the Adriatic Sea and what country?