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carbs and fats

N is found in proteins but NOT in?

amino acid

an aldehyde group is NOT contained in?

partially essential

what are not used to classify AA in the diet?

it can be made from fat in the body

what is a feature of AA?

3 AA bond together

what is the composition of a tripeptide?


2 AA's joined together are called?

uncoil and loses shape of protein

what is the definition of denaturation?


when you eat a burger, what organ is the hydrolysis protein initiated?

pepsin is active

in the stomach?

breaks down proteins

what is the definition of proteases?

hydrolyze proteins

what is the function of protease?


how many total kcals consumed are used for BMR?

primarily by buffering action of proteins

what is the pH balance process regulated by?


protein that inactivates foreign bacteria and viruses

both nonessential and nonessential AA

AA pool consists of

ingesting adequate levels of carbs and fat

protein sparing in the body is best achieved when?

N in is greater than N out

what is the definition of positive N balance?


what is the usual state of N balance for healthy kid and pregnant lady?

protein synthesis will be limited

what happens if diets is lacking an essential AA

limiting AA in a protein

an essential AA present in insufficient quantity for body synthesis to take place

low concentration of blood protein

the presence of tissue edema in kwashiorkor indicates?


if a man consumed 65g of protein and total 2700 kcal per day, what % energy would be derived from protein?

sum total of all chemical that go on in living cells

what is the definition of metabolism?


simple compounds -> complex molecules is what?


formation of glycogen in liver is example of what?


major energy carrier molecule


what is the conversion of glucose to pyruvate?

its irreversible

which of the following is NOT an aspect of glycolysis?


what does an aerobic reaction require?

lactic acid and glucose

Cori Cycle involves the interconversion of?

accumulation of lactic acid

when muscle fatigue and burn it indicates?


triglyceride contians 54 carbon atoms - how many glucose/glycerol?


glucose can NOT be formed from?


95% of triglyceride cannot be converted to?

body proteins

fatty acid cannot be used to make?

amino acid can be converted to glucose

if carb content of diet is insufficient to meet the body's needs for glucose?

excreted as urea

in the metabolism of amino acids for energy, what is teh fate of the amino acid?

TCA cycle on electron transport chain

ammonia is not generated via?

high in protein

body's need for water increases on a diet

fat, CHO and PRO

when energy-yielding nutrients are consumed in excess, which can lead to storage of fat?

glycolysis, TCA cycle, electron transport chain

which of the following outlines the overall sequence of events in the complete oxidation of glucose


after the first day or so of fasting, which of the following is mot depleted in the body?


which of the following dietary nutrients would most rapidly reverse a state of ketosis in a starving person?

2-5 lbs/ week

safe rate of max weight loss on a long term basis


Connie Gutterson's weight loss/management book describes phases of the diet in terms of?

250 kcal

approx value for the thermic effect of 2500 kcal diet

central obesity

storage of excess fat around the central part of the body

the Sonoma Diet

Connie Gutterson is the author of weight loss/management book called?

occurs when fats are partially oxidized

which of the following is a feature of ketosis?

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