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  1. high dose effects observed in radiotherapy curve
  2. 3 events of cell radiation
  3. underestimates the low dose effect of rad.
  4. measure of ionization in air by x or gamma rays
  5. germ cells contain (haploid)
  1. a roentgen
  2. b slows mitosis, interphase death, and cell death
  3. c 1/2 or 23 single chromosomes
  4. d linear quadratic dose response curves
  5. e signoid dose response curve

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  1. separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen
  2. rad. resistant
  3. cell cannot divide after irradiation
  4. most commonly acted upon by ionizing radiation producing indirect effects
  5. high rad. sens.

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  1. indirect ionization causesdirect effects


  2. mutagenesisgenetic mutation by radiation


  3. female somatic cells44 autosomes and two x


  4. Linear quadratic dose response curves arenonthreshold


  5. Diploid 2nhigh rad. sens.