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  1. spermatogonia
  2. target theory
  3. Linear dose response
  4. duplication/division
  5. 3 events of cell radiation
  1. a slows mitosis, interphase death, and cell death
  2. b mitosis
  3. c DNA is a critical target of exposure
  4. d high rad. sens.
  5. e observed response is directly proportional to dose

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  1. Chance and probability = random
  2. 44 autosomes and two x
  3. identifies doses that result in inability to reproduce
  4. high rad. sens.
  5. 1/2 or 23 single chromosomes

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  1. erythryblastshigh rad. sens.


  2. high dose effects observed in radiotherapy curvelinear quadratic dose response curve


  3. remmost commonly acted upon by ionizing radiation producing indirect effects


  4. male somatic cellsrad. resistant


  5. Radiation of macromolecules effectsmain chain scission, cross linking, and point lesion