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  1. non threshold dose response curve
  2. Law of B & T states
  3. threshold dose response curve
  4. free radicals cause
  5. radioactive
  1. a direct effects
  2. b indicates any rad. dose produces an effect
  3. c capable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus
  4. d stem cells more radiosens.
  5. e indicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed

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  1. rad
  2. linear quadratic dose response curves
  3. rad. resistant
  4. assumes any radiation dose produces an effect
  5. DNA is a critical target of exposure

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  1. measure of ionization in air by x or gamma raysroentgen


  2. RBE factorscapable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus


  3. protoplasm is how much water85 %


  4. chondrocytesrad. resistant


  5. mutagenesisgenetic mutation by radiation


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