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  1. intestinal crypt
  2. reduction/division
  3. SI unit for roentgen
  4. non threshold
  5. Leukemia, breast ca. and other genetic damage DRC?
  1. a columbs/kilo
  2. b assumes any radiation dose produces an effect
  3. c meiosis
  4. d high rad. sens.
  5. e linear,non threshold

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  1. catabolism + anabolism
  2. linear quadratic dose response curves
  3. identifies doses that result in inability to reproduce
  4. genetic mutation by radiation
  5. sigmoid dose response curve

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  1. RBE factorscapable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus


  2. reproductive failurecell cannot divide after irradiation


  3. Protoplasms containrate at which a desired effect is produced


  4. lymphocytesseparation of water into hydrogen and oxygen


  5. cell organelles locationin cytoplasm