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  1. Radiation of macromolecules effects
  2. when can chromosome damage be analyzed
  3. threshold dose response curve
  4. SI unit for rad
  5. unit of dose equivalent occupational exposure
  1. a main chain scission, cross linking, and point lesion
  2. b During metaphase
  3. c gray
  4. d rem/sievert
  5. e indicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed

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  1. slows mitosis, interphase death, and cell death
  2. identifies doses that result in inability to reproduce
  3. 23
  4. catabolism + anabolism
  5. linear quadratic dose response curves

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  1. muscle cellsgenetic mutation by radiation


  2. Target theoryrad. resistant


  3. LET Linear Energy Transfermeasure of rate at which energy is deposited as charged particles travel through matter


  4. Protoplasms containrate at which a desired effect is produced


  5. radioactiveseparation of water into hydrogen and oxygen