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  1. germ cells contain (haploid)
  2. Diagnostic Radiology dose response curve type
  3. Diploid 2n
  4. Linear quadratic dose response curves are
  5. Point mutation
  1. a nonthreshold
  2. b linear, non threshold
  3. c rate at which a desired effect is produced
  4. d 1/2 or 23 single chromosomes
  5. e 23

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  1. 85 %
  2. assumes any radiation dose produces an effect
  3. capable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus
  4. radiation type, cell tissue type, physiologic condition, biologic result examined, and dose rate
  5. what cell cycle+= mitosis

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  1. cell survival curvehigh rad. sens.


  2. remoccupational exposure measure


  3. Radiation guidlines are est.using what curveChance and probability = random


  4. SI unit for remSievert


  5. 3 events of cell radiationrate at which a desired effect is produced