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  1. indirect ionization causes
  2. Linear quadratic dose response curves are
  3. lymphocytes
  4. As LET increases what happens to RBE
  5. cell divides twice and chromosomes duplicate once
  1. a meiosis
  2. b high rad. sens.
  3. c it also increases
  4. d direct effect
  5. e nonthreshold

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  1. comparison of dose to test dose of 250 keV that produces the same biological response
  2. most commonly acted upon by ionizing radiation producing indirect effects
  3. Chance and probability = random
  4. rad. resistant
  5. 23

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  1. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curvesigmoid dose response curve


  2. when can chromosome damage be analyzedDuring metaphase


  3. Protoplasms contain85 %


  4. Point mutationassumes any radiation dose produces an effect


  5. measure of ionization in air by x or gamma raysdirect effect


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