12 terms

A New National Identity

Cumberland Road
The first road to be built by the national government
Erie Canal
A waterway used for transporting goods and people between Buffalo and Albany
James Fenimore Cooper
Person that wrote historical novels about the American frontier country
Simon Bolivar
Fought to liberate Latin America countries from Spanish Rule
Henry Clay
A U.S representative that suggested a tariff to raise money for improving roads and canals
Gibson vs. Ogden
court case that focused on interstate commerce and reinforced the power of the government
general Andrew Jackson overthrew the Spanish governor of florida _____ receiving Monroe's orders to do so
Greek/Roman style
Jefferson urged architects to model buildings after ancient
group of artists
The Hudson River School was a famous
Feelings of pride and loyalty to a nation
Disagreement between different regions
American System
A series of measures intended to make the United States economically self sufficient.