10 terms

quiz 12/13/10 #2

type of epithelial cell in the epidermis
medical term for dermis
middle layer of skin
xer/o means
combining form meaning skin
cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o, epitheli/o
a wheal is a/an
what must accompany the claim when an unlisted code is used?
special reports
what does the surgical package include?
preoperative visits, intraoperative services, complications following surgery, post operative visits and supplies
what is the usual global surgery period?
90 days major surgery and 10 days for minor surgery
incision and drainage codes are divided into subcategories according to the
when an excision is being performed, the "margins" refer to the ______ required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physician's judgement
most narrow margin