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sociology final: chapter 11: quiz questions

the process by which a society moves from traditional or less developed institutions to those characteristics of more developed societies is called:
the view that "primitive" nations move from having traditional or less developed institutions than those characteristics of more developed societies is called:
cultural imperialism
neocolonialism is defined as:
the continuing dependence of former colonies on foreing countries
which of the following is a core nation? (germany, south korea, egypt, ireland)
in the weeks immediately following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the far-reaching economic repercussions began to affect businesses and workers worldwide. this phenomenon can be best explained by:
supporters of ____ suggest that multinational corporations help create social stability within a society by creating jobs and global enterprise
critics of modernization content that multinational corporations are attracted to developing countries because developing countries have a large pool of ____, discourage strong ____, often create a favorable "climate for _____"
cheap labor, trade unions, investment
according to anthropologist karuna chanana ahmed, who are the most exploited among people in developing countries?
in kenya and tanzania, it is illegal for women to:
own a house
what has been an area of concern regarding mexican women outside the home?:

the difficulty of women to obtain ____ and ______ assistance, their lack of recognition as active and ____ household members
credit, technical, productive
the area of common culture between mexico and the us is referred to as the:
human rights advocate emphasis on the entitlement of _________ to special care and assistance
mothers and children
in the spring of 2008, food riots broke out in:
haiti, burkina faso, india
extreme inequality of resources in the world was initiated by
the industrial revolution
which of the following is a periphery nation?