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Why do Giles and Francis want to talk to Danforth?

They want to save their wives

What is Parris's argument against Proctor?

says proctor is mischief, says hes trying to overthrow court

What does Mary tell Danforth?

She said they never saw no spirits, it was a lie

When Danforth hears that Elizabeth is pregnant, what does he allow?

Proctor will keep her for another year until she delivers

What paper did ninety-one people sign?

petition that says their wives are not witches

"...a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between." Explain the importance of Danforth's statement.

Your either with God or the Devil, the court is perfect, do not oppose it

What quote did Proctor use to help Mary remain brave?

Do that which is good, and no harm will come to thee

Of what does Giles accuse Putnam?

Partaking in this, trying to get his neighbors jailed for witchcraft, so he can buy their land

What is Hale's problem as Proctor and his friends present evidence to Danforth?

Starting to question everything, now thinks it is all bull poop.

Hawthorne thinks of a test for Mary. What is it? Can she do it? Why or Why not?

To faint/ No/ She is to nervous and can't do it on the spot w/o the other girls there

Proctor calls Abigail a whore, and he confesses his lechery. Danforth tests Proctor's statement by calling for Elizabeth and asking her why Abigail was dismissed. What does Elizabeth say? Why?

She says that she thought John was fond of her, but she says that John didn't "cheat" on her, even though he did.

What do the girls do to Mary? What is her response?

They're pretending like Mary is putting her spirit in them, she then joins the girls.

What happens to Proctor?

Proctor says God is dead, he is arrested.

What does Hale do?

he denounces this proceedings, I quit this court

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