37 terms

PR ch. 15 part 1

first amendment
the most important event in the development of PR was the....
political speech
as expression associated with the normal conduct of a democracy
commercial speech
expression intended to generate marketplace transactions
between commercial and political speech, which is more restricted?
CA Supreme Court ruled that Nike's PR campaign ____ have 1st Amendment protection
T/F Nike was charged with making false and misleading statements in a PR campaign that answered critics of its overseas labor practices
Freedom of Information Act
federal law guaranteeing access to government info
federal agencies
______ _________ create and enforce regulations designed to protect the public's best interest
Federal Trade Commission
Organization established to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, are vigorous, and are free of undue restrictions
consent order
if the FTC believes a violation of the law has occurred, it may obtain voluntary compliance through this
administrative law judge
hears testimony and reviews evidence
False (an administrative law judge can)
T/F A commission can issue a cease and desist order, injections, consumer redress, and civil penalties
Securities and Exchange Commission
provides protection for investors and ensures that the securities markets are fair and honest
publicly held companies have an obligation to disclose frankly, completely, and immediately any info considered important to an investor's decision to buy, sell, or hold stock
Regulation FD
this tightened disclosure loopholes
Sarbanes- Oxley Act
CEOs and CFOs are held personally accountable for the truthfulness or corporate financial statements
Form 10k
in this document, a company is required to disclose specific info about its financial health and direction
Rule 10b-5
this SEC rule prohibits fraudulent misleading corporate communications in matters that could affect investment decisions
annual report
written and designed to to make the investor feel good about his/her decision to own stock in the company
annual reports must be in hands of shareholders no less than ____ days before corporate annual meeting
insider trading
if he/she buys/sells securities on the basis of insider info not available to other investors
federal communications commission
primarily responsible for ensuring the orderly use of the nation's airwaves in the public interest
equal opportunity provision
whenever a legally qualified candidate for public office appears in a radio/TV broadcast, all other candidates for that office must be afforded equal opportunities for access
personal attack rule
stations are required to provide free air time to persons who have been the subject of a broadcast character attack
created to protect, promote, and enhance the health of the American people
Publishing false & hurtful things
Privacy & Freedom of Information laws
What must you keep private, what must you
consumers, fair trade
Strong government interest in protecting ______ and _______
Central Hudson case
Electric utility challenged order of NY
Public Service Commission telling it to stop
promoting electricity use
this organization can fine, get injunctions, order corrective ad
Federal Trade
__________ _______ Commission can punish deceptive/misleading ads
Recently, the _____ began regulating disclosure of conflict of interest or payola by internet reviewers & bloggers
Lanham Act
This Act said that federal law (mostly for trademark) also protects against unfair competition and false advertising
National Advertising Division
Can review truth/accuracy of claims, make non-binding recommendations and appeal to National Advertising Review
Board if advertiser unsatisfied
Children's Advertising Review Unit
Protecting children from ads targeting them and handles complaints from public
self regulation
codes of ethics (like the ones by PRSA) are forms of _____ _________
Vanessa Carlton
Punch Shaw loves _________ __________