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Human Resource Chapter 15

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About ________% of people working in the United States belong to unions.
A) 5
B) 11
C) 20
D) 34
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Which of the following best explains a major reason why union membership in the United
States has fallen in the last 50 years?
A) Legislation provides workers with protections that were once exclusive to unions.
B) Union members earn less on average compared to non-union members.
C) Union membership is too expensive for most blue-collar workers.
D) Foreign-owned manufacturers will not hire union members.
Which of the following is most likely a false statement about union membership?
A) Union members work in both blue-collar and white-collar industries.
B) Insurance plan benefits are better for union workers than for nonunion workers.
C) Union workers receive more holidays and unpaid leave than nonunion workers do.
D) Employers prefer nonunion workers, so they pay them higher wages than union members.
Which of the following best describes the closed shop form of union security?
A) A company can hire nonunion people if they agree to join the union.
B) Union members receive higher wages than nonunion employees.
C) Union members receive preferential treatment in hiring.
D) A company can hire only union members.