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  1. Abraham Maslow
  2. Bisociative
  3. Tenochitian
  4. Crecy
  5. Melisma
  1. a the capital of the aztec empire on the present site of Mexico City, where according to their legend, an eagle ate a snake and thus designated the location as a holy place.
  2. b putting more than one note to a syllable.
  3. c generated the Maslow's hierarchy of human needs
  4. d First major battle of the Hundred Year War. English archers defeated the French army and forced the French king to give up some of his kingdom.
  5. e the process of learning from one field and applying it to another.

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  1. was invented in the Song Dynasty.
  2. member of the Capetian Dynasty - most aggressive reign of territorial expansion - defeated King John of England
  3. published Le Morte d'Arthur which contained the stories of arthur.
  4. the last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries
  5. The era in Japanese history from A.D. 794-1185, arts and writing flourished during this time

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  1. Reimslocation for a large cathedral where French kings were crowned, a successful pilgrimage destination


  2. Pepin the Short:Charles son, who took his place as royal advisor and continued to lead the Frankish kingdom.


  3. Papal Statesa civil state surrounding the city of Rome and the Pope served as its king


  4. Plainchant or songchantsung without accompaniment and thus needed melodic simplicity


  5. Sagresa city on Portugal's southern coast where Prince Henry the Navigator established a school