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  1. Toltecs
  2. Plainchant or songchant
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Philip IV of France
  5. Teotihuacan
  1. a sung without accompaniment and thus needed melodic simplicity
  2. b Issued a tax on non-church land in France held by the clergy. Various political moves by both king and pope, including papal bulls and a threatened excommunication led him to seize Pope Boniface and hold him in prison
  3. c located beyond the chancel, is where the altar is located.
  4. d conquered the Teotihuacan society and were then conquered by the Aztecs.
  5. e an area near present day Mexico. These people were probably related to the Mayan and their civilizations overlap in time. Largest city in the Americas which showed evidence of a strong merchant class with extensive trading areas. These people were worshipers of the sun.

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  1. A brother of Lucrezia who poisoned his older brother to gain power. He became the model for Machiavelli's novel, The Prince details the concepts of exploitation and suppression as a a way for princes to remain in power.
  2. located in subSaharan Africa where a lot of wealth was available from the precious metals, ivory, and jewels.
  3. Son of a wealthy family, schooled at Monte Cassino. Was sent to Unniversity of Naples to study and became a Dominican monk. Was later imprisoned by his father for his decisions. Memorized the Bible in prison. "I would rather believe that there was a flying cow than that my friends would lie to me." Thomas later taught at 3 universities, was an expert at several languages, literature, astronomy, and mathematics, as well as theology. Wrote several books on theology, his masterpiece being Summa Theologica.
  4. from which China got its name, the Chinese dynasty (from 246 BC to 206 BC) that established the first centralized imperial government and built much of the Great Wall
  5. time period taht fueled an economic, technological, political, and cultural rebirth across Europe, further contributing to the forces that brought about the Renaissance.

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  1. caravela new ocean-going ship designed by Prince Henry the Navigator


  2. Harold Godwinsonan anglo-saxon duke who used the anti-Norman feelings against William the Conqueror to declare himself Edward's true heir, even while King Edward was still alive.


  3. Florencefocused on agricultural trade, especially wool, for its main industry.


  4. Franciscansa pass in the mountains where a great battle ensued between Roland's troops and the Spaniards


  5. Guildsa subdivision of a kingdom which was supervised by an earl and had its own court and cheriff (reeve of the shire)