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  1. Eyeglasses
  2. Summa Theologica
  3. Vasco da Gama
  4. pilgrimage
  5. Tercets
  1. a Became in demand only after the invention of the printing press.
  2. b worked within the scholastic tradition and attempted to harmonize those things that are part of human learning with those supernatural truths revealed by God in the Bible and through the teachings of the church.
  3. c three-line verses that rhyme with the first and third line.
  4. d traveled on sea for two whole years, the longest recorded in history at that time (to India) and brought back spices
  5. e ultimate reforming act, and was mandated by priests as an act of penance for sin. Often lasted for months, and pilgrims traveled to faraway destinations. pg. 292

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  1. was political in early life - became a monk and ambassador - debate with Eutychius over resurrection - became pope, lots of missionary work, accepted pagan things, Gregorian chant
  2. established themselves as regent over several emperors during the Heian Period through political intrigues and intermarriage,
  3. place where the great battle between Roland's troops & the Spaniards at Roncesvals took place.
  4. subjects about the structure and expression of knowledge included studies of rhetoric, logic, and grammar.
  5. The first major advancement of about 1400 in timekeeping since the water clock of ancient times.

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  1. Carolingian RenaissanceIssued a tax on non-church land in France held by the clergy. Various political moves by both king and pope, including papal bulls and a threatened excommunication led him to seize Pope Boniface and hold him in prison


  2. Conjunctthe method of creating a new word when old English did not have an appropriate term.


  3. Beauvais Cathedraldeveloped when people tried to bring stability and peace to Europe - Lords, vassals (knights), and serfs


  4. Angles and the Saxonstwo german tribes that invaded Britain.


  5. Catherine of SienaKnown for her ability to mediate conflicts among Italian city-states, she urged the pope to move the center of the curch from Avignon back to Rome.