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  1. Henry V
  2. Apse
  3. Reims
  4. Mongols
  5. Lead voice
  1. a the end of the building
  2. b location for a large cathedral where French kings were crowned, a successful pilgrimage destination
  3. c After seeing apprehension in the faces of troops, he gave a passionate speech that excited and rededicated his soldiers which led to a victory the next day.
  4. d sings first followed by the group voices.
  5. e superb horseman - Europeans adopted their war strategies - they were extremely fierce and scary - had a huge empire but didn't really have an impact because they never settled down and learned how to govern

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  1. was invented in the Song Dynasty.
  2. had his capital in Aachen and built a church similar to the Ravenna church - tried to be like Theodoric - expanded the empire - crowned the Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III
  3. designated times and prayers
  4. was the fifth Aztec emperor. During his reign the Aztec Empire was consolidated, major expansion was undertaken and Tenochtitlan started becoming the dominant partner of the Aztec Triple Alliance.
  5. both Arian Christians and had a history of persecuting Catholic subjects.

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  1. Incas of Peruwere just as sophisticated and ruthless as the Aztecs. Left several interesting markings on the land.


  2. Christopher Columbusperformers and/or also composers who would go from place to place singing poetry.


  3. Kublai Khana Mongol leader in China, established a bureaucratic system and accepted Marco Polo


  4. Windmillsinitially so merchants could band together for safety, later for artisans to regulate quality and prices for their goods


  5. CanterburyLocated in England (Thomas Becket's burial place) a popular pilgrimage site.