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  1. Vishnu
  2. Roncesvals
  3. Sagres
  4. conquistadores
  5. Quadrivium
  1. a a city on Portugal's southern coast where Prince Henry the Navigator established a school
  2. b private adventurers who were encouraged but not financially supported by the Spanish crown.
  3. c A Hindu god considered the preserver of the world written in the story of Ramayana
  4. d place where the great battle between Roland's troops & the Spaniards at Roncesvals took place.
  5. e for those who would continue their studies by following a curriculum of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. - These graduates were awarded a Master of Arts degree.

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  1. large bows that were very powerful and could penetrate the heavy armor of the day. However they could not be effectively fired from horseback so not appropriate for knights.
  2. The earliest known signed piece by Perotin
  3. located in present-day Ethiopia was a powerful trading partner to Israel in the time of King Solomon.
  4. First major battle of the Hundred Year War. English archers defeated the French army and forced the French king to give up some of his kingdom.
  5. a civilization that flourished on what is now the sourthern coast of Peru from about 200 B.C. to A.D. 600.

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  1. Mendicant"begging" order. Franciscans were called this.


  2. Maslow's hierarchy of human needsPhysiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, self-esteem needs, self-actualization needs, (last part of the triangle as mentioned in class is Charity)


  3. Spanish Inquisitiona practice where the king or local lord selected bishops for the region, a practice that had been insisted upon by several Roman and Byzantine Emperors as a way to ensure they had some control over the church.


  4. Senegalese Riverplace where Florentine greats are buried. It's the place where a tomb is found for Dante yet it remains empty.


  5. Fray Tomas TorquemadaStyle used in the architecture of western Europe which included thick, massive walls, and arches and was used for fortress castles throughout Europe. Included elaborate decorated exteriors.