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  1. Muromachi- Momayama Period
  2. Tercets
  3. Eutychius
  4. Nave
  5. Tang Dynasty
  1. a three-line verses that rhyme with the first and third line.
  2. b named for a district in Kyoto where the government buildings were located. It was during this time that the Portuguese landed in Japan and introduced both Christianity and firearms.
  3. c is the main, large portion of the church (where the Gothic style is most evidentwith high ceilings and wide spans)
  4. d the patriarch of Constantinople.
  5. e brought creativity back to life in China. Their capital was Xi'an.

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  1. outside monarchs conquered much of India but they were replaced in the eleventh century by Abassyid Muslims.
  2. the professor would ask the student a question based on one of the arguments, and then the student would respond based on the readings or on his own logic.
  3. was a court that was charged with the responsibility of rooting out heresy (incorrect beliefs) and dissent. May have been organized to ensure church authority over doctrines in light of the increasingly strong attempts of kings and emperors to influence all aspects of church procedures and practices.
  4. a Mongol leader in China, established a bureaucratic system and accepted Marco Polo
  5. contained important texts and became widely circulated throughout Europe.

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  1. Wu Zeitantook the tiltle of Emperor of China and ruled from Beijing establishing the Yuan Dynasty.


  2. Joan of Arcwas the nominal head of the French army that was sent to relieve the siege of Orleans.


  3. Mount Badenthe battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons was took place here.


  4. MilanIslamic leader during the Crusades - reconquered Jerusalem and much of the land lost during the First Crusade


  5. Hugh CapetFrankish nobility elected him to serve as the king - this started the Capetian Kings