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  1. peacock throne
  2. Courtly love
  3. Danes
  4. Toltecs
  5. Compass
  1. a a series of popular books depicting the behavior of lords, ladies, knights and dragons.
  2. b invented in China and imported to help the navies and increase trade among the far-flung parts of Europe.
  3. c a symbol of royalty encrusted with gold, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and rubies and was built by these rulers.
  4. d administered the Dane Law for many years in the eastern part of England.
  5. e conquered the Teotihuacan society and were then conquered by the Aztecs.

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  1. delayed the introduction of many technologies and other cultural aspects of the rest of the world
  2. An emerging kingdom in the fourth century to dominate most of northern India. This kingdom was led by very powerful military leaders. Manharbarata was written at this time. Able to have a period of peace that gave them a golden age.
  3. painting depicting reality
  4. was subjected of false accusations of impropriety by his enemies within the city.
  5. small rooms located outside the ambulatory that have small altars for prayer or may have baptism fonts or confessionals, or might be places of burials for families. Sometimes decorated with paintings and other religious artifacts.

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  1. Alfred the GreatTamarlane's grandson, invaded and eventually conquered the whole of India with the exception of Goa and the other areas directly under Portuguese control .


  2. Reimslocation for a large cathedral where French kings were crowned, a successful pilgrimage destination


  3. Leoninthe ancient belief in gods of nature and ancestral worship that dominates Japanese culture until today.


  4. Children's Crusade30,000 children were sold into slavery when the ship captains took them to northern Africa instead of the holy land


  5. Carolingian Dynastystarted by Pepin the Short , who was a royal adviser - his father Pepin of Herstal helped to unite the Franks