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  1. Geoffrey Chaucer
  2. Genoa
  3. Courtly love
  4. Pepin the Short:
  5. Gaul
  1. a one of the most famous writers who used the new style of the English language (rather than the old English style) in his writings.
  2. b a series of popular books depicting the behavior of lords, ladies, knights and dragons.
  3. c Charles son, who took his place as royal advisor and continued to lead the Frankish kingdom.
  4. d present day france, attacked by the Franks
  5. e the earliest trading rival to Venice.

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  1. main contributor to making Arthur legendary in his "History of the Kings of Britain" publication.
  2. these were burned by the Spanish in the 1540's. Written with a complex pictograph language which is part idea related and part phonic.
  3. English king - vow of celibacy, said William of Normandy (or the Conqueror) would be his heir - had a conflict with Harold Godwinson when he took the throne unlawfully
  4. areas under a bishop's control from which taxes were collected
  5. William's successor over England and half of France - created English common law, trial by jury - appointed Thomasa Becket as the Bishop of Canterbury, Becket didn't help after appointed, he was killed by some knights

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  1. Leo IIIThe earliest known signed piece by Perotin


  2. Great Chain of BeingA model in which every individual was linked to every other individual in a social network.


  3. BrunhildaCharlemagne's nephew, general in war against Spaniards - was attacked from the rear, blew a horn to warn Charlemagne right before his army was defeated - poem Song of __________


  4. Monte Cassinowas the fifth Aztec emperor. During his reign the Aztec Empire was consolidated, major expansion was undertaken and Tenochtitlan started becoming the dominant partner of the Aztec Triple Alliance.


  5. Anti-popethe bishop of the city of Rome - the solitary head of the Catholic church, claimed lineage from Peter and claimed bestowal of authority directly from Constantine. Also equivalent of patriarch


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