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  1. Vasco da Gama
  2. Forbidden City
  3. Genoa
  4. Roncesvals
  5. Bayeux Tapestry
  1. a place where the great battle between Roland's troops & the Spaniards at Roncesvals took place.
  2. b traveled on sea for two whole years, the longest recorded in history at that time (to India) and brought back spices
  3. c depicts the story of the conflict of William and Harold from William's point of view
  4. d A large and beautiful palace complex that can be visited and enjoyed today completed by the Ming rulers.
  5. e the earliest trading rival to Venice.

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  1. the patriarch of Constantinople.
  2. replaced the Muslim Umayyads in the 11th century. They made Delhi their Indian capital.
  3. young Germanic emperor, lost power, tried to regain it but caused strain in the church - a weakness was est in the Holy Roman Empire that would never be fully repaired
  4. located in the city of Agra, built by Shah Jehan. Walls of the building are of white marble decorated with a floral pattern made of inlaid precious and semi precious stones and gold.
  5. introduced small letters (equivalent to today's lower case).

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  1. Papal Statesa civil state surrounding the city of Rome and the Pope served as its king


  2. Henry VAfter seeing apprehension in the faces of troops, he gave a passionate speech that excited and rededicated his soldiers which led to a victory the next day.


  3. Laurais the main, large portion of the church (where the Gothic style is most evidentwith high ceilings and wide spans)


  4. Great Chain of BeingA time period when two popes were elected by legitimate cardinals in Rome and in Avignon. The two popes excommunicated each other and set to form their own college of cardinals.


  5. compasswas invented in the Song Dynasty.


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