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n. a group united for a particular purpose: A(n) ~ of school leaders held an important meeting.


n. a performance used as a test: The ~ determines who will be chosen for the orchestra.


n. public speaking that emphasizes good delivery and gestures: Before making his speech, Joe worked to improve his ~.


v. to cause anger or strong feeling: The student's behavior ~ the bus driver.


v. to create a mental response: The picture ~ memories of visiting my grandparents.


v. to make use of or to apply a rule: The president has the authority to ~ his veto power.


n. a calling for a particular kind of work: Mary was well-suited for her ~ as a pianist.


adj. having to do with sound: Because of a problem with the ~ equipment, we missed the last song.


adj. informal or conversational: Our teacher prefers that ~ speech not be used in our papers.


adj. having to do with the sense of hearing: An infection caused Bob to have a(n) ~ problem.

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