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  1. ignominy
  2. abhor
  3. pious
  4. hapless
  5. impunity
  1. a Freedom from punishment or harm
  2. b unlucky
  3. c To hate very much to detest
  4. d disgrace
  5. e Reverent or devout, outwardly reverent or devout

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  1. Firmly committed, steadfast
  2. To conspire, to feign ignorance of another's wrongdoing
  3. Irreverence, an insult to something held sacred
  4. Hard or impossible to satisfy, greedy, avaricious
  5. One who provides help, especially a gift or donation

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  1. infamydisaster


  2. edictAn official decree


  3. unabatedTo hate very much to detest


  4. expiationThe act of dispelling guilt


  5. perversityContrariness, the urge to do what is forbidden