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  1. subtle
  2. pious
  3. promulgate
  4. impunity
  5. expiation
  1. a To proclaim, to publicly or formally declare something
  2. b Not obvious, able to make fine distinctions, ingenious
  3. c Freedom from punishment or harm
  4. d Reverent or devout, outwardly reverent or devout
  5. e The act of dispelling guilt

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  1. Evil fame or reputation, public disgrace, dishonor
  2. Glaringly bad, notorious, scandalous
  3. unlucky
  4. Contrariness, the urge to do what is forbidden
  5. To deceive

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  1. calamitydisaster


  2. unabatedContinuing, unstopped, undiminished


  3. prerogativeAn exclusive right or privilege


  4. atonementThe act of making amends, making up for wrongdoing


  5. ignominyEvil fame or reputation, public disgrace, dishonor