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This is a study guide for a quiz on the old testament and specifically the 400 period of Silent Years before the coming of Christ.

Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi

Last 3 Prophets after Judah's captivity & return to Jerusalem.

(1) Return to God, (2) Respect God's word (3) Respect God's temple, (1) Coming Messiah, (2) Restore Jerusalem, (3) Future Heavenly Kingdom

The immediate & future events that the Prophets spoke about.

John the Baptist

Fulfilled the last verse of the Bible prophesies that Elijah would reappear.

Silent Years

Also known as the Intertestament- period of 400 years between Malachi and Matthew where God was silent.

(1) Decline and fall of the Persian Empire, (2) Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire, (3) Palestine was ruled by Egypt and Syria, (4) Roman Empire on the rise

Major historical events during the Silent Years.

(1) Need - Genesis 1 - 11, (2) Nation - Genesis 12 - Malachi, (3) Person of Redemption - Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, (4) Explanation - Acts - Jude, (5) The End - Revelation


Common language, good roads, trade, and spiritual hunger

Characteristics of history which made it a perfect time.


Dispersion, refer to Jews who lived in other countries.


Books written by Moses.


Oral law practiced by the Pharisees.


Name given to religion practiced by Israelites.


World power at the time of the Return.

Alexander the Great

Great military leader who became a World Power (Macedonian - Grek)


Part of the Empire that Seleucus ruled.


The desecration of the Temple (made them eat pork) led to the Revolt of the __________?


Hidden things, refers to the religious writings in which we learn the history of the Silent Years.

The Roman Empire

Destroyed the Temple after it was rebuilt by Zerubbabel and Ezra.

Old Testament

Speaks of the coming Messiah, tells how the nation of Israel came into existence, Creation of the world.

New Testament

Describes the Messiah and His ministry and life, tells how the church or body of Christ came into existence, and the end of world and creation of new heaven and earth.

(1) Rule from a thrown, (2) enter a city riding a donkey, (3) be betrayed by 30 pieces of silver, (4) purchase of a potters field, (5) body would be pierced, (6) wounding of the Savior

The 6 messianic prophesies.

(1) Patriarchs, (2) Exodus, (3) conquest, (4) judges, (5) united kingdom, (6) divided kingdom, (7) exile, (8) return, (9) Silent Years

The 9 stages of Jewish History in the Old Testament.

(1), Come to Salvation, (2) Conform to the character of Christ, (3) spread the Gospel

God's plan for every teenager.

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