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  1. Extinction also plays a role in traditional island biogeography theory. This is directly related to
  2. What is not a reason insects make excellent model systems?
  3. A spermatophore and a nuptial gift are the same thing
  4. Zoonoses can be divided into direct and
  5. BT is a natural occurring bacteria that has been used in genetic engineering to
  1. a Individual species show little or no variation
  2. b False
  3. c Size of island
  4. d Kill agricultural pests
  5. e Metazoonoses

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  1. Direct transformation of insect genome with DNA
  2. Ornaments used in fighting or courtship displays
  3. Arthropods
  4. Clade
  5. Positioned in the genome in the same order they are expressed, conserved between humans and flies, master controller genes in development and turn on many genes = all of the above

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  1. Many island faunas show higher than predicted numbers of species because of diversification within islandTrue


  2. What is not a problem of the Biological Species Concept?Fossilized


  3. What set of characteristics in combination applies to Insecta?Presumed to be based on an underlying common process


  4. Main morphological difference between ants and termitesThe fly


  5. Over 3/4 of emerging diseases are classified as zoonosesTrue