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  1. Add the amount of time takes to be an egg, 1st instar, 2nd, 3rd, etc, then multiply by development time temperature
  2. Always kill their hosts
  3. Leaf cutter ants feed on fungus
  4. What is not important in bed bug reproduction?
  5. What is not a problem of the Biological Species Concept?
  1. a Relies on recognizing a "real" essence of the species
  2. b Predators
  3. c ADA
  4. d True
  5. e Ejaculate parasitism

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  1. Clade
  2. Chagas disease
  3. Only eat a single species of plant
  4. Sentinel chickens
  5. Distance from the mainland

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  1. When insects with different Wolbachia status mate, there may be an instance ofReducing desiccation


  2. BT is a natural occurring bacteria that has been used in genetic engineering toMound building termite


  3. What is not a type of leg modification seen in insectsFossilized


  4. What do plants use to attract insects?Odors, UV reflectance, color = all of the above


  5. Firefly females that mimic the flash patterns of other species in order to attract and eat males of that species are referred to asFemme Fatales