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  1. Change in temperature following death
  2. Most insects in the home
  3. Nearly all insect transport oxygen to their tissues by
  4. According to traditional biogeography theory, species diversity is a function of rate of colonization. This is directly related to
  5. There are several simple ways to reduce your risk of WNV, what is not one?
  1. a Algor mortis
  2. b View your house as an extension of their natural habitat
  3. c Avoiding activity during the early afternoon
  4. d Distance from the mainland
  5. e Using the diffusion gradient along a series of branching cuticular tubes

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  1. Kill agricultural pests
  2. Similarity in structure/function in unrelated groups
  3. The fly
  4. So that offspring will have genetic variation and at least some will survive even if the environment changes
  5. Instar

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  1. In desert adapted species sperm can be important forReducing desiccation


  2. A factor that does not have an impact on decompositionPostmortem interval


  3. Strain of pathogen has little or no impact on severity of infectionTrue


  4. Monophagous insectsSimilarity in structure/function in unrelated groups


  5. Main morphological difference between ants and termitesTermite front and hind wings are equal in size


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