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  1. What is not a problem of the Biological Species Concept?
  2. Nutritional symbionts are not present in which insect?
  3. What is not an advantage of the insect exoskeleton?
  4. Strain of pathogen has little or no impact on severity of infection
  5. The organism with the longest known sperm is
  1. a Flies
  2. b True
  3. c Growth requires molting the old exoskeleton and expanded the new exoskeleton
  4. d The fly
  5. e Relies on recognizing a "real" essence of the species

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  1. Reducing desiccation
  2. Ejaculate parasitism
  3. Coevolution with plants
  4. Number of eggs fertilized by his sperm
  5. Fossilized

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  1. Because of his contributions to classification methods this man is often referred to as the father of taxonomyCarolus Linnaeus


  2. According to traditional biogeography theory, species diversity is a function of rate of colonization. This is directly related toTrue


  3. What set of characteristics in combination applies to Insecta?Presumed to be based on an underlying common process


  4. Proximity is least important inCluster fly


  5. Always kill their hostsPredators