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is in a dynamic state of equilibrium.

Environmental resistance

Factors that limit growth and produce population equilibrium are known as ____________.


Environmental resistance is to sigmoid curve as bloom is to __________ growth.

Logistic growth

_______________ rates are those in which a population grows rapidly when conditions are good, then slows as it approaches carrying capacity.

biotic potential

An organism's _________________ is the maximum number of offspring that it can produce

population crash

A dieback, or _________, often occurs after a species oscillates around its environmental carrying capacity.

doubling time

the ______________ for a population with an annula growth rate of .07 is ten years.

r- adapted

You are studying an organism that is a pioneer species, is an opportunists, and does not care for it's offspring. This organism probably has a _______ population growth strategy.


You are studying an organism that is fairly large, matures slowly, lives fairly long, and cares for its offspring. This organism probably has a ______________ population growth strategy.


is usually variable, depending on environmental conditions.


the term ______________ refers to an organism's physical ability to reproduce while fertility is actual number of offspring produced.

life expectancy

is the number of years an individual of a certain age will probably live


___________ population control factors cause mortality regardless of population size

density dependent

widespread starvation is an example of __________ population control.

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