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Key Chapter: Genesis 12
Key Word: Beginning
Purpose: Redemptive History
Key Chapter(s): 12: Passover 20: 10 Commandments (Redemption 1-12) (Revelation 13-40)
Key Word: EXIT
Purpose: To record the history of the birth of Israel and to affirm that Yahweh is faithful to his covenant promises
Key Chapter: 16 (Day of Atonement)
Key Word: Offerings (5) and Feasts (7)
Purpose: there is no purpose
Key Chapter: 14 (rebelled against God at Kadish)
Key Word: Wanders
Purpose: to trace the history of Israel wandering from Sinai to Moab and to teach the new generation that they must Trust God to get to promised land
Key Chapter: 28-30 (blessings and curses)
Key Word: 2nd Law
Purpose: to teach the new generation what God requires for blessings in the Lord
Key Chapter: 21 (all of God's promises fulfilled)
Key Word:Conquers
Purpose: to give account of the conquest and division of land and to demonstrate God's faithfulness in keeping his covenant promises
Key Chapter: 3
Key Word: Cycles (Sin Servitude Supplication Salvation Silence)
Purpose: to prepare Israel for a king
Key Chapter: 4
Purpose: to show how a godly woman( a moabite) became the great grandmother of Israel's greatest King (DAVID)
1 Samuel
Key Chapter: 16 (Anointing David as King)
Key Word: Saul
2 Samuel
Key Chapter: 7 (Davidic Covenant)
Key Word: David
1 and 2 Samuel
PURPOSE: to describe the development of Israel from a tribal confederation to a monarchy and to reveal Go's sovereignty and faithfulness to his promises in enacting the Davidic Covenant
1 Kings
Key Chapter: 11 (downfall of Solomon,polygamy, heart turning)
Key Word: Solomon
2 Kings
Key Chapter: 17 & 25 (Fall of Jerusalem and downfall of Samaria, Babylonia, judah, exile)
Key Word: Exile
1 & 2 Kings
Purpose: Codependency- welfare of people was determined by the moral and spiritual character and conduct of the king. Divine Retribution- obedience= blessing. Disobedience= CURSE
1 & 2 Chronicles
Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 7:14 (like mosaic covenant)
Purpose:TO INSPIRE HOPE!!!!! (God is faithful to the promises that he makes with Israel)
Key Chapter: 3 (laying foundation of the temple)
Purpose: to record and describe the return from the Babylonian exile
Key Chapter: 6 (completion of the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days)
Key Word: WALLS
Purpose: to show what God's people can accomplish if they work hard and trust in HIM!
Key Chapter: 4:14 (God has put you here for such a time as this)
Key Word: Esther "Queen of Persia"
Purpose: to show providence of GOd in preserving the Jewish people
Key Chapter: THERE IS NONE
Key Word: Sovereignty!
Purpose: to Affirm God's sovereignty and goodness in spite of the suffering of a righteous man!
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Worship
Purpose: Liturgical, Devotional, Theological
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: WISDOM
Purpose: to teach wisdom- the skill to make choices that are pleasing to God
Key Chapter: 12:13-14
Key Word: Vanity=nothing
Purpose: 1. Life without God is meaningless 2. to promote the enjoyment of life by fearing and trusting God with assurance that he will maintain justice.
Song of Solomon
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Love in Marriage
Purpose: To commend sexual love in marriage as pure and natural
Key Chapter: 1:10
Key Word: Brothers Keeper (related to Jesus)
Purpose: warns against the sin of pride and predicts the overthrow of the nations that oppose God.
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Fish
Purpose: UNIVERSAL LOVE shown by God
Key Chapter: Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Flood
Purpose: God's wrath will eventually fall but in the midst of judgment, God will rescue those who trust in HIm.
Key Chapter: 3:2 (Justice of God)
Key Word: Plumb Line
Purpose: God will show righteous judgment on unrighteous people
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Harlot
Purpose: God's faithfulness to his covenant promises in-spite of ISrael's unfaithfulness.
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: LOCUST
Purpose: shows how the day of the lord will be a day of salvation for ISrael but a day fo terror and destruction for her enemies.
Key Chapter: there are a few, but 53 shows Vicarious Suffering
Key Word: Groan/Glory
Purpose: to warn judah of judgment for idolatry and worldly alliances and to assure the nation of God's compassion
Key Chapter: 5:2 (Birthplace of coming Messiah)
Key Word: Day in Court
Purpose: judgement for failure to meet God's standard of righteousness and the promise of the ultimate establishment of God's kingdom and the rule of God's king
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Day of the LORD!
Purpose: He describes that when the LOrd comes, it will be a disaster
Key Chapter: 2:4 (Righteous will live by faith)
Key Word: Watch Tower
Purpose: Life is about trusting God
Key Chapter: 29:1 (man who remains stiff-necked after rebukes will be destroyed without remedy)
Key Word: Rotten Sash
Purpose: there is no purpose
Key Verses: 3:22-23
Key Word: TEARS
Purpose: God will punish stubborn rebels and God's loyal love is unfailing even in times of Grief.
Key Chapter: 9 (70 weeks)
Key Word: Dreams
Purpose: Sovereignty of GOd over the nations!
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Dry Bones
Purpose: He wrote to Jews in Exile to prophecy about Jerusalem's fall. After the fall, Ezekiel assured God's covenant people to a revival and restoration.
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Temple
Purpose: Obedience brings blessing.
Key Chapter: NONE
Key Word: Messiah
Purpose: (Most messianic book in the OT) Emphasizes God's concert for Israel
Key Chapter: 1:2
Key Word: Hearts of Stone </3
Purpose: the fervent love of God for ISrael and their indifference to His LOVE!