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A system of law developed under Roman republic that applied to citizens
civil law
Scholars believe the first people to arrive in the Americas came from
Siberia across a land bridge to Alaska
What is a unicameral legislature?
a lawmaking body with a single house of elected representatives
What is a bicameral legislature?
a lawmaking body with two houses of elected representatives
Under the Articles of Confederation, who chose the federal government's confress of delegates?
state legislatures
Articles of Confederation
The nation's first constitution; adopted by the Second Continental Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation why did small states have as much power as large states?
Each state had one vote in Congress
Provided a plan for governing western lands
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
The delegates at the Constitutional Convention met to
revise the Articles of Confederation
New Jersey Plan
New Jersey delegate William Paterson's plan of government, in which states got an equal number of representatives in Congress
Virginia Plan
Virginia delegate James Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population
Plan most like the Articles of Confederation
New Jersey Plan
The Three-Fifths Compromise resulted in
more representation in Congress for Southern states
Three-Fifths Compromise
agreement at the Constitutional Convention to count a slave as three-fifths of a person when determining the population of a state
Federalists favored
a strong central government
Most state constitutions guaranteed
Freedom of religion
What type of governments did the Articles of Confederation create?
A loose confederation of strong state governments
Weakness of Articles of Confederation
Congress could not levy nor collect taxes from states
Tenet of New Jersey Plan
An executive committee leads executive branch
The US Constitution contains which provision of the Virginia Plan?
The government is divided into three branches
In what year did the Constitution go into effect?
Popular sovreignty
a principle which states that all government power comes from the people
How does the legislative branch check the power of the judicial branch?
confirms judges
Separation of powers
the division of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
What was accomplished at the Constitutional Convention of 1788?
The US Constitution was written
What did the Federalists want the Constitution to provide?
a strong central government
Antifederalists criticized the Constitution as
concentrating too much power in the hands of a few
James Madison
4th President of the United States; strong Federalist
In order to win support for the Constitution, the Federalists promised to add
A bill of rights
Bill of Rights
a statement of fundamental rights and privileges; first ten amendments to the United States Constitution
Critics of the Virginia Plan feared
President would get too much power
sharing of power between the national and state governments
According to the Three-Fifths Compromise
all states had to return fugitive slaves to their owners