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Sets B, C, and D give example sentences of the words taken from the 250 SAT Word series. Users should combine from 3 to 5 sets marked B, C, or D together - for example, 1C, 2C, 3C, and 4C - and generate multiple choice question tests to practice SAT-like questions. Sample test:


A _______________ child is more intelligent or behaves in a more developed way than you would expect for her age


A _______________ is something that indicates what is likely to happen in the future.


A _______________ is a very strong written or spoken attack on, or defense of, a particular belief or opinion.


_______________ is the state of being extremely poor.


A _______________ is a statement which is considered meaningless and boring because it has been made many times before in similar situations.


Someone who is _______________ continues trying to do something difficult rather than giving up quickly.


Someone who is _______________ notices, realizes, and understands things quickly.


A _______________ of something is a large amount of it, especially an amount of it that is greater than you need, want, or can cope with.


_______________ is unreasonable, childish bad temper over something unimportant.


A _______________ comment or piece of writing is short, direct, and full of meaning.

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