ear training 1

24 terms by xiad

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minor second, ascending (a)

" As time goes by" YOU MUST remember this....
Pink Panther

Major second (a)

FRE-RE jacques

minor third (a)

So long farewell

Major third (a)

HAVE YOUR self a merry little christmas
MOR-NING has broken

Perfect 4th (a)

HERE-COMES the bride
WE WISH you a merry christmas

Tritone (a)


Perfect 5 (a)

RAIN-SROPS on roses

minor sixth (a)

IS THIS the little girl i carry

Major sixth (a)

DASH-ING through the snow

Minor seventh (a)

THERE'S Aa place for us
star treck DOO-DOO

Major seventh (a)

SOME-where Over the rainbow
BO-RrUMM, boom boom boom

Octave (a)

SOME-WHERE over the rainbow
CHEST-NUTS roasting in an open fire

m2 (d)


M2 (d)

MA-RY had a little lamb

m3 (d)


M3 (d)

symphony #5 LECHE CON PAN

P4 (d)

Oh come all ye fiathful


European sirens

P5 (D)

WHAT-DO you do with a drunken sailor

m6 (d)

WHERe DO i begin

M6 (d)

NO-BODy knows the toruble I've seen nobody knows but jesus


water-MEL-on MAN

M7 (D)

so HAVE-YOURself a merry little Christmas now

8th (d)

salt PEA-NUTS , salt PEAN-UTS

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