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Nixon 1969-1974, Carter 1977-1981, Regan 1981-1989


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Normalized (reopened) relations with Red (communist) China in 1972. Resigned from office to avoid impeachment after the Watergate scandal - (he led a conspiracy to mislead the nation) - led to loss of confidence in the government
Richard Nixon
A formal agreement on nuclear weapons control
SALT- Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty-
halting arms race and tension in cold war with the Soviet Union
Oversees environment issues- led to EARTH DAY (as a result of Rachel Carsons book " Silent Spring")
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Carter negotiated a peace treaty between Arabs and Israel forces to resolve hostilities in long term disputes (wars).
Camp David Accords
high inflation (prices) and interest rates
an oil crisis (shortage) creates long lines for gasoline when conflicts in the MIDDLE EAST disrupt the distribution of OIL; The Department of Energy is created
Energy Crisis
1979 angry Iranian students storm the US embassy and take 52 American hostages for over a year; severely damages confidence in the Carter Administration
Iranian Hostage Crisis
fails to have them released; severely damages confidence in the Carter Administration ;Carter will not win re-election
President Carter and the Iran Hostage Crisis
A Collective organization of MIDDLE EASTERN countries that control the world's oil supply
(not trade with) the US and Cause an energy crises with long lines for gas
OPEC's embargo
conservative critic of the women's liberation movement; Chairman of the STOP EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT (ERA)
Phyllis Schlafly
promotes the 2nd amendment
NRA- national rifle association
group of highly conservative fundamental Christians
Moral Majority
Think tank that helped to promote conservative policies
Heritage Foundation
tax cuts & financial deregulation will promote economic expansion
defensive strength will discourage aggression by other nations
Peace thru Strength
negotiated with Iran to free American hostages, in return he secretly sold weapons (arms) to the Contra's (rebels) in Nicaragua
Iran-Contra Affair
Tax cuts and financial deregulation of business to promote economic expansion, helped big business and hurt the middle class and small businesses: Reagonomics
President Reagan's Economic Plan