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• Call & response
- Polyrhythmic percussion
• Berimbau
- Originally from Africa and recreated in Brazil
- Played by striking the string with
a stick and also the hand holds a
small rattle (caxixi) to add
another timbre
- The stone
- Increasing tempo
Created by runaway African and Indian
Compé - "with the foot," African fighting
Martial Art
"Dance" disguised combat training
- Ginga - opening move
- Cooperation - Control - Confrontation


music written in duple time for dancing the tango


a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)


a lively duple meter dance, played often on a bomba

Orquesta tipica

Piano, violin, and bandoneón ensemble in Argentina


two meters played simultaneously, creating poly rhythm...found in the bambuco, cueca, gato and malamba, jarabe; juxtaposition of simple triple and compound duple meters


Two bars in a simple triple time articulated as if they were three bars in simple duple time


-coastal dance of Peru, generally called the "National Dance of Peru.".

-Mestizo song-dance in Sesquialtera rhythm


• ballad, romantic
• slow triple meter
• pre-contact origins


Mexico's most important song-dance genre, a strophic song usually on romantic themes and in many regions characterized by sesquialtera rhythm.

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