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  1. extricate
  2. eulogy
  3. abstract
  4. penchant
  5. rife
  1. a 5. remove, divert, or extract [verb]
  2. b 2. prevalent, widespread (common)
  3. c 1. release or free from entanglement
  4. d 2. acclamation (high praise)
  5. e 1. strong liking (fondness, proclivity, desire)

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  1. 2. to debunk or prove as not true [verb]
  2. 2. mysteriously unfathomable and profound
  3. 4. damage to a reputation [noun]
  4. 5. lack of belief [noun]
  5. 1. full of joy (merry, amiable)

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  1. title page1. the first page of a paper or assignment following a specific format, including a
    running head (header) and page number, title of the assignment or work, the author's name, and the school affiliation


  2. discredit1. to defame or dishonor [verb]


  3. extricate1. anticipate, provide for, and alleviate, as in getting rid of an argument's objection or a
    potential problem (avert)


  4. abstract1. renounce (disown, disavow, reject)


  5. vociferous2. prevalent, widespread (common)


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