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  1. anachronism
  2. germane
  3. abstract
  4. extricate
  5. acumen
  1. a 1. an idea that is not a concrete reality (conceptual) [adjective]
  2. b 1. intellectual keenness and good judgment (insight, sharpness, shrewdness)
  3. c 2. Relic or holdover from another time
  4. d 2. disentangle or remove from hindrance
  5. e 1. relevant and connected to the point (pertinent, related to)

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  1. 2. exploring solutions; to converse, confer, and communicate for a purpose
  2. 1. a proposed or tentative explanation of observable data that is specific and testable
  3. 1. release or free from entanglement
  4. 1. a speech in praise of a person who has died (tribute)
  5. 4. damage to a reputation [noun]

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  1. anachronism1. Something that is out of time, belonging in another time


  2. hypothesis2. a supposition (assumption, guess, premise, theory)


  3. literature review1. release or free from entanglement


  4. inscrutable1. evidence that is impenetrable


  5. blithe1. abundant (extensive, numerous)