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  1. discredit
  2. delineate
  3. hypothesis
  4. germane
  1. a 1. trace an outline
  2. b 1. a proposed or tentative explanation of observable data that is specific and testable
  3. c 1. relevant and connected to the point (pertinent, related to)
  4. d 2. to debunk or prove as not true [verb]

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  1. 1. individual information or a body of information; facts and statistics, figures,
    numbers, and records
  2. 1. opposite
  3. 2. prevalent, widespread (common)
  4. 1. abundant (extensive, numerous)
  5. 1. to defame or dishonor [verb]

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  1. anachronism1. strong liking (fondness, proclivity, desire)


  2. title page1. the first page of a paper or assignment following a specific format, including a
    running head (header) and page number, title of the assignment or work, the author's name, and the school affiliation


  3. delineate2. sketch out, diagram out, define, or make an outline for content


  4. blithe1. full of joy (merry, amiable)


  5. abstract2. theoretical [adjective]


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