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  1. rife
  2. discredit
  3. acumen
  4. abstract
  5. delineate
  1. a 1. abundant (extensive, numerous)
  2. b 1. trace an outline
  3. c 3. disbelieve or question [verb]
  4. d 1. an idea that is not a concrete reality (conceptual) [adjective]
  5. e 1. intellectual keenness and good judgment (insight, sharpness, shrewdness)

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  1. 3. superior (predominant)
  2. 1. in advanced research writing, particularly in a dissertation or master's thesis, the flowing text section that is a discussion of published information in a subject area that includes summary and synthesis of the works cited; in a research project, the literature review is the support for the new insight that your research will contribute to the field
  3. 4. a one-paragraph summary of a text or speech [noun]
  4. 3. hard to understand (intangible) [adjective]
  5. 1. a proposed or tentative explanation of observable data that is specific and testable

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  1. methods/methodology2. acclamation (high praise)


  2. results2. acclamation (high praise)


  3. germane1. intellectual keenness and good judgment (insight, sharpness, shrewdness)


  4. prevalent1. strong liking (fondness, proclivity, desire)


  5. methods/methodology2. a system, manner, or mode