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Guns used by the United States and other countries.


Has been the primary service rifle of the United States Armed Forces since its introduction in 1961. The rifle has also been used, in one variation or another, by dozens of other nations making it one of the most popular assault rifle designs ever.

M4 Carbine

A shorter, lighter version of the M16; heavily used by the United States Armed Forces especially for close quarters combat, special operations, and other roles where small size is a major factor. Its many variants have also been exported to a number of nations around the world.


Simple, easy to manufacture; one of the earliest designs for an assault rifle. Once designed and distributed by the Soviet Union for use by the Warsaw Pact nations, it has become the most widespread, most copied assault rifle design in the world.


An adaptation of the AKM (which used the 7.62x39mm cartridge) down to the smaller 5.45x39mm cartridge.

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