Blood Spatter Study Guide


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What type of evidence is blood typing?
class evidence
What is blood typing?
identifying the blood type of a person
What type of evidence is DNA profiling?
individual evidence
What is another name for DNA Profiling?
DNA fingerprinting
What is DNA Profiling?
process of identifying one's DNA characteristics
Blood cell that contains DNA
white blood cell
Karl Landsteiner discovered?
the A, B, O, blood types
What did Kastle discover?
developed the first presumptive blood test
What is a presumptive blood test?
indicates the presence of blood
What is blood?
circulating tissue
Erythrocytes are
red blood cells
Red blood cells
carry respiratory gases and contain hemoglobin
Leukocytes are
white blood cells
White blood cells
fight disease and foreign invaders
Thrombocytes are
clotting factors
What did Alec Jeffreys do?
produced the first DNA profile in 1982
DNA profiling or fingerprinting is highly accepted and used by such programs as
the innocence project
What is the Innocence Project?
exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing
The presence or absence of particular proteins found embedded with the cell or plasma membranes of red blood cells determine a person's?
blood type
What may occur to a person who is given the incorrect blood type?
clumping might occur that may result in death
Small secondary droplets not attached to the parent blood drop are called?
Blood that is attached to the parent blood drop
Blood dropped on a nonporous, smooth surface such as glass or marble will appear?
smooth and circular
Blood dropped on a porous, textured surface such as wood and ceiling tile may have
spikes or extensions
What does the size and shape of blood help identify?
the direction blood originated
Round blood droplets indicate?
blood dripping downward at a ninety degree angle
Blood droplets with tails or satellite droplets help us determine the
direction from which the blood originated
What is passive fall?
passive fall is blood falling down at a ninety-degree angle
What do voids (empty spaces) in the spatter pattern help determine?
the presence of a person or object moved after an attack
Circular drop of blood (width and length are equal) indicates that
the blood fell straight down (90-degree angle of impact)
Blood was passively produced means
without any force
Blood dripping from a wound is an example of
passively falling blood
a force between two similar substances
a force between two unlike surfaces
What tends to keep the blood moving in the direction it was traveling when it hits a surface?
What does the tail of a blood droplet indicate?
the direction the blood was traveling
Secondary droplets that break free from parent drop
When blood strikes a surface, satellites usually appear where?
after the main droplet and in the direction blood was traveling (in front of droplet)
By drawing straight lines down the long axis of the blood spatter and noting where the lines intersect indicates the
line of convergence
To detect blood, investigators may use?
Terminal velocity
the constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it is falling prevents further acceleration
What happens to the diameter of passively falling blood as height is increased?
the diameter increases
What occurs to the diameter of passively falling blood at greater heights?
it plateaus