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  1. I got airsick on the plane
  2. hypocrite
  3. devout
  4. eat loudly, eating noises
  5. none of your business
  1. a (상관 마, 참견 마)
  2. b (소리내어 먹다, 시끄럽게 먹다)
  3. c (독실한) devoted to divine worship or service
  4. d (위선자) - It is the state of falsely claiming to possess virtuous characteristics that one lacks.
  5. e (난 비행기 위해서 배멀미 헸다.)

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  1. (공격적인) ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from
  2. (합병된) to incorporate (territory) into the domain of a city, country, or state
  3. (구역질이 난다.)
  4. (1시간 공강)
  5. (강아지) A puppy is a young dog

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  1. orthodox(금지하다) if you forbid an activity, you order that it must not be done.


  2. pit stop(화장실을 위해 잠시 멈춤) stop for a short time during a long journey by road for a rest, meal, etc


  3. haggle(싸움,말다툼) A ______is a situation that is difficult and involves problems, effort, or arguments with people.


  4. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)도착 예정 시간


  5. to look down at someone (or a group of people)(휴학했다)