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  1. puberty
  2. hustle
  3. upperclassmen
  4. randomly select (choose)
  5. The more I...., the more I....
  1. a juniors or seniors (3rd or 4th year students) in university
  2. b A) to hurry, do something quickly
    B) (떠밀다, 밀치다) If you _____ someone, you try to make them go somewhere or do something quickly, for example by pulling or pushing them along
  3. c ~할수록 ~더
  4. d 사춘기, the time during which young people reach sexual maturity
  5. e (무작위 선택)

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  1. (아주 맑은, 정확한 시간)1. Water that is ______ _____ is absolutely transparent like glass. 2.very easy to understand; completely obvious
  2. (긴 공강)
  3. (심란하게하는)some talks that make it difficult for you to concentrate properly on what you are doing.
  4. (후루룩 소리를 내어 먹다) If you ____ a liquid, you drink it noisily.
  5. (공격적인) ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from

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  1. soju tent, outdoor drinking tent(포장마차)


  2. dreading dread(잠시 휴식을 취하자, 쉬었다 하자),


  3. puppy(강아지) A puppy is a young dog


  4. volatile(값을 깍다) you argue about something before reaching an agreement.


  5. criteria사춘기, the time during which young people reach sexual maturity