Law & Ethics Words

Implied Consent
Type of consent in which the patients actions indicates consent for treatment
Implied Contract
contract that is not established by words but established by actions
Informed Consent
Permission granted by a patient after he or she is informed about the details of a procedure
Written Consent
Consent that involves a written explanation of the diagnosis, prescribed treatment and reasonable expectations about treatment
License to practice in aspecific state
Professional negligence
Patient Of Record
individual who has been examined and diagnosed by the dentist and has a planned treatment
System that allows individuals in one state to obtain a license in another state without retesting
Standard Of Care
Level of knowledge, skill, and care comparable with that of other dentists who are treating similar patients under similar circumstances
State Dental Practice Act
Document of law that specifies legal requirments for practicing dentistry in a particular state
Statutory Law
Law enacted by legislation through U.S congress, state legislature, or local legislative bodies
Tort Law
Involving an act that brings harm to a person or damamges to property