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What Radiopaque landmark separates the Mx sinus into 2 or more compartments?
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After a tooth is extracted, how long would the process take to where it can no longer be distinguished radiographically from the surrounding tissues?18 monthsWhat is a supernumerary tooth present in the midline between the 2 central incisors?Mesiodens Oral problems: malocclusion, food impaction, poor esthetics, cyst formationWhat condition is known by cementum overlying the roots of at least 2 teeth joined together. Can sometimes be attributed to trauma or crowding of teeth?ConcrescenceWhat condition is found in molar teeth whereby the body of the tooth and pulp chamber is enlarged vertically at the expense of the roots?Taurodontism as a result of the floor of the pulp and furcation of the tooth is moved more apically down the root.What is the underlying mechanism of Taurodontism?Failure or late invagination of Hertwig's Epithelial Root Sheath, which is responsible for root formation and shaping causing an apical shift of the root furcation.Which patient positioning results in Ghost images?Patient SlumpingSuperimposition is also known as what?Double exposureWhat can cause film to be too light?1. insufficient exposure 2. insufficient developing time 3. use of overused developing solution 4. use of developing solution that's too coldWhat is a blurred edge to an image, a halo effect in an Xray film caused usually by an overlarge focal spot exacerbated by a long object-to-film distance?PenumbraWhat differs delayed eruption from impacted?If adjacent teeth are blocking the teeth, it is impacted.What is the pulp composed of?Fibroblasts, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, nerves and connective tissueWhat part of the tooth is the first to form?Enamel 1st part of the tooth to form in the bone is the outer shell of the enamelMesenchyme gives rise to the dentin, pulp, cementum and enamel. T/FFalse Ectoderm gives rise to enamel_________ bone forms the outer layer of all bones and most of the structure of the long bones.Compact_________ are the small spaces between the lamellae in which contains the bone cells, called _________, are located. These are linked together by minute channels called ___________.Lacunae, Osteocytes, CanaliculiThe _______ provide routes by which nutrients can reach the Osteocytes and waste products can leave them.CanaliculiHaving less than 6 congenitally missing teeth is termed?HypodontiaHaving 6 or more congenitally missing teeth is termed?OligodontiaBifurcated roots on a premolar is an anomaly? T/FFalse. It is a variation of normalThe ______ ______ is a circumscribed nodule that lies lingual to the mandibular cuspid on the gingival tissue and is observed more frequently in young children and disappears with age.Retrocuspid PapillaEnamel Pearls can also be called?EnamelomasAnkylosis of primary molars has been known to be associated with various of anomalies in permanent dentition such as1. Taurodontism of 1st permanent molar 2. Impaction of succedaneous tooth 3. ectopic eruption of premolars/ canine (erupt in wrong place) 4. aplasia of 2nd molars (fail to develop) 5. Tipping of adjacent teethWhat is the most common tooth that is ankylosed and what is the most common tooth that fails to develop?Primary 2nd molar Permanent 2nd premolarWhat is the unusual condition where the dentin and pulpal walls begin to resorb centrally within root canals?Internal resorptionWhat would be the clinical/radiographic evidence of internal root resorption?Clinically: Pink hued area on the crown; hyperplastic; cascular pulp tissue filling in the resorbed areas. Radiographically: Pulp chamber appears very largeEach Parotid gland is wrapped around the _______ _______ and secretes saliva through the _______ duct.Mandibular ramus; Stensens Stensens duct facilitates mastication and begins digestion of starchesSaliva is drained from each bilateral submandibular gland and sublingual gland to the _________ _________ at the base of the tongue.Sublingual caruncleThe submandibular duct is also known as the ________ ________Whartons DuctWhere can you find the oblique ridge on the maxillary 1st molar?DB cusp to ML cusp2 orifices on each side of the midline, distal to the vibrating line is what? They act as collection ducts for a group of minor palatine salivary glands. The vibrating line is a landmark used by dentists primarily for making denturesPalatine FoveaThe lower lip, lower anterior gingiva, corners of the mouth and skin and tissues of the chin drain to the _______Submental nodeFoliate papilla at the posterior lateral surface of the tongue is also known as?Tonsillar tissueWhat papilla is most numerous on the tongue?FilliformHairy tongue is caused by the elongation of what papillae?FilliformG.V. Black Classification of Carious LesionsCL I: Occlusal and Buccal or Lingual Pits CL II: Posterior Interproximal CL III: Anterior Interproximal CL IV: Ant Interprox involving Incisal Edge CL V: Gingival at Facial or Lingual CL VI: Cusp TipUpper front teeth hide lower teeth is known as?Deep biteThe position of the GM (gingival margin) may be coronal to the CEJ due to?1. Swelling (Edema) 2. Overgrowth of tissue due to medication 3. Increase of fibrous connective tissue caused by long standing inflammation of tissue.Keratinized areas of the Oral MucosaMasticatory Mucosa: Gingiva and Hard Palate Vermillion Border of lip Oral or outer epitheliumNon-Keratinized areas of the Oral MucosaJunctional epithelium Sulcular epithelium Lining mucosa: lip, cheek, vestibular furnix,alveolar mucosa, floor of mouth, soft palate Specialized mucosa: Dorsum of tongue, taste budsThe Lamina Dura is the thin ________ line that lines the tooth.RadiopaqueThe Lamina Dura is ______ when the tooth is erupting and ______ or absent is a sign of periodontal disease.Thicker, ThinnerIf a patient has gingivitis, the reason for the edema is due to ?Toxins produced by the biofilm. As bacteria releases chemicals and toxins on the teeth and gums, the body's autoimmune system attacks it, thus causing inflammationWhich of the following is the BEST proof of the destruction of tissues? a. Bleeding on probing b. attachment loss c. pocket depths greater than 3 d. gingival recessionAttachment lossAll are signs of Periodontal disease EXCEPT A. mobility B. furcation involvement C. radiographic bone loss D. recessionRecessionTeeth with a Periodontal abcess are vital whereas teeth with a Periapical abcess are non vital.1st statement is true; 2nd statement is trueThe most common cause of drug induced xerostomia is the altering of neural pathways that stimulate salivary gland secretion. These are drugs that have either an _________ or _______ effect.Anticholinergic, SympathomimetricDrugs that have an anticholinergic action reduce the volume of serous saliva including1. antihypertensives 2. antihistimines 3. antidepressants 4. antipsychotics 5. antimetics 6. antispasmotics 7. antiparkinsonianBlood Thinners and Chemotherapy agents can cause bleeding gums as a side effect. What are some drugs that fall in this category?1. anticoagulant i.e. Warfarin (Coumadin) 2. antiplatelet drugs i.e. Aspairin, Clopidogrel (Plavix) 3. Certain epilepsy, convulsion, seizure meds 4. Chemotherapy drugs 5. Diuretics 6. antihisimine 7. immunosuppressantProcardia (Nifedipine) is a _______ ______ _____ for HBP. It causes gingival enlargement.Calcium Channel BlockerCorticosteroids and Anti-inflammatory meds can cause?Delayed healingRx to know that cause gingival overgrowth1. anitconvulsants: Phentytoin (Dilantin), succinimides, valproic acid 2. Calcium Channel Blockers: NIfedipine, Verapamil 3. Immunosuppressants: CyclosporineRifampin, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide (RIP) and Ethambutol are meds to treat __________?TBWho should receive anti TB meds?1. close contacts of recent TB cases 2. positive skin test 3. Immunosuppressed patientsWhat is a Salicylate drug?AspirinWhat is the purpose of sodium sulfite in local anesthetics?PreservativesWhich is not a side effect if nitrous oxide?unsteady gaitWhat is an immunosuppressant drug that causes gingival inflammation?CyclosporineWhich medication does not cause xerostomia?Anti-tussivesAngular Chelitis is caused by?Candida Albicans (thrush)Initial onset of Angular Chelitis is linked to what deficiencies?1. Riboflavin (B2) 2. Iron deficiency anemia 3. poor diet/ malnutrition (celiac disease) 4. zinc deficiencyAngular Chelitis can also be a sign of what?anorexia or bulimiaWhat is the term used to describe benign or pre-malignant changes on the lip due to chronic sun exposure?solar chelitis a.k.a. actinic chelitis with histological atypiaThe word chelitis means what?inflammatory condition of the lipsSolar Chelitis affects the ______ of the lips whereas Angular Chelitis affects the _____ of the lipsvermillion, cornersCommon features of Solar Chelitis?1. Dry lips 2. Thinned skin of lip 3. scaly patchesWhat is the most common of the oral fibrous tumor-like growths?Fibroma or irritation fibroma - most often seen on buccal mucosa along occlusal planeWhat is a benign nerve sheath tumor derived from the myelin sheath of Peripheral nerves in the PNS?NeurofibromaNeurofimbroma is what kind of disease?Autosomal dominant genetically inherited Results in physical disfigurement, pain and cognitive disabilityWhat is a growth or tumor of the nerve tissue?NeuromaAmeloblastoma is derived from what?Dental lamina or enamel organ composed of epithelial cellsWhere is Ameloblastoma most likely found and what sort of appearance does it have radiographically?Develops in the jaw near the molars and has a soap bubble appearance. Benign.Ameloblastoma most often occurs in men or women? Age?Men in their 40's or 50'sAmeloblastoma is the most common type of odontodenic lesion?TrueLeukoplakia is a white lesion of the mucus membraneCannot be wiped offLeukoplakia is more common in men or women? Age?Older menWhen mucosa is induced to blister or slough when pressure is applied is known as ?Nikolsky's signNikolsky's sign is used to differentiate between Pemphigus Vulgaris (positive or negative sign) from Bullous Pemphigoid (positive or negative sign)Pemphigus Vulgaris is Positive Sign Bullous Pemphigoid is Negative SignMedian Rhomboid GlossitisCandidasis chronic fungal infection to this area No treatment needed. Only to treat symptoms: anti-fungal